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SolarCross wrote:I did spell Mocha wrong yes, apologies to the spelling nazis for that, in my defence I am not a native speaker of Italian and as a working class person I do not tend to buy coffee from barristas. Middle class hipsters have a budget for virtue signalling at the local Starbucks but for myself, obliged to be more economical, I prefer to buy ground coffee from the supermarket, make it at home in a cafeteria (sp?) and chuck it in a flask if I want to go out. That way I can get about 20x the coffee for the same price. This is why come the revolution it should be someone like me who is Director-General of all the Monies and Economies. You middle class hipsters can have your heresy hunts and thought crimes, I will have the economy thanks (hopefully that means at least I can be as well fed as Kim Jong Un while everyone else is starving on a diet of grass and pebbles.)

"Mocha" is the English spelling - "mocha, n.2 and adj. Etymology: < the name of Mocha (18th cent. as Mocho ) a port in Yemen (Arabic al-Muḵā ), near the entrance of the Red Sea
In full mocha coffee. A type of fine quality coffee, originally spec. that produced in or shipped from Yemen." - OED,_Yemen
Ironically, the Italian spelling is 'moca' - closer to what you were using.
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