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By Donna
There's absolutely no point today in re-creating New Left violence, which was characteristically subversive rather than truly insurrectionary and it thrived primarily on identity politics rather than mass politics (even the 'revolutionary' became a uniquely oppressed subject rather than the disposable instrument he or she traditionally was). Most of the Western left acknowledges this; former weathermen, RAF members, Italian radicals (some), black panthers, etc. have all properly contextualized what had happened.
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By Someneck
Donald wrote:It must be hard suppressing your urge to rape and kill, weekend warrior.

When I was in higher education, I was surrounded by bright people with good vocabularies who had come so far because they were able to string together a logic trail and then commit it to paper (or pixels as we have nowadays)

Later I mixed in bar rooms and then on the internet, with people who didn't have that background, and a typical response to a question such as "How did you rate the President", would be "I hate that effin nword"

Faced with that, the more educated in society feel a variety of emotions, and often try and educate their debating partner and try to put 20 years of careful thought into a 20 second lesson. It never works

I reckon Gore Vidal faced that problem every day of his life and its amazing he lived so long given the stress that this must have induced

Perhaps he learned to avoid such debating partners and made it easy on himself. People like Chris Hitchins were always going to give him a hard time, and though 180 degrees opposite, at least they were intelligent, even if they were wrong in Vidal's eyes
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By Donna
Indeed, it can be very frustrating. As you can see, Wolfman has edited all of his posts because they were largely ad hominem attacks and physical threats of violence toward my person. Thus it was pretty pointless to have wasted my breath in the first place. Because of this, I'm very much in tune with the pain that Gore Vidal felt through out his life; the pain of being ridiculed and threatened by those who are lesser men than one's self.

Thank you for that very reflective post, Someneck.
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