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Notices of a deaths of public figures or other significant or interesting people.

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Obituaries Forum Guidelines
August 2014

Purpose of the Sub-Forum
Obituaries are notifications of the deaths of significant figures in the political and social landscape and notes of their accomplishments.

This is not a debate forum, it is an announcement forum

Posting Guidelines
  • Always include a news article, not something you just wrote.
  • Do not post rumors
  • Comments should pertain to the individual who has passed, not their movements, associations, or other errata.
  • Notifications of death should not be contorted with judgement of that person's actions.
  • Discourteous or disrespectful comments are not allowed.
  • Criticism of the deceased will be reserved for on topic forums.
  • Personal attacks against the deceased will not be tolerated.
  • Political topics should be posted in appropriate forums.

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