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Private discussion areas.
I just don't know about this stuff, we have a technocracy section and a science section already.

What I would like to see is buttons over posts. They could be smiley faces. There could be and and and I think that would get the most clicks.
Eh, because of me?

You would be a valuable member though.

Nonetheless I think we can find someone else to help us start.
mikema63 wrote:Edit: lex can be quite informative on basic economic policy, We could ask him.


I'd be game to join even though I'm not an academic (or planning to be one), though I am an admirer of academia. Maybe the membership requirements could be expanded a bit?
Of course, I'd like to hear in from all involved about leadership before we PM fox.

If Goldberk and fuser don't have a problem with it I'll play dear leader.
I am actually confused as to the purpose of such a club, if it isn't restricted to academics and those on the academic job track.
Just as I would like to start the POFO Professionals. This would be a place to, rub elbows, get leads, use as a sounding board, ask questions, have an informal peer review, etc.

Take me for instance, I am not an "academic", yet I hold several degrees, my work is tied with academics, a own an open source educational company and work with several research companies.

There is a lot of crossover.
I envisioned it being largely a club for those whose professions were largely intellectual.

As far as I know there are not enough actual academics to make such a club possible.

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