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Heisenberg wrote:I think that the leadership of "The Chivalric Order of the Sun Wheel" should be charitably donated to La Guillotine, Robespierre-style.

Robespierre went the same way as the king less than two years later, be careful for what you wish.

"Even the wisest can not see all ends, so what chance has a raving hater?" - Gandalf
Kids, responsibilities, and worry that you will go overboard.

My boyfriends brother won't drink because his mother was an alcoholic.

People have their reasons.
Brisket wrote:I'm intruiged by this project. Count me in.

Glad to have you. Could you tell me something of yourself, your interests, competencies and aspirations? You may PM the response if you prefer privacy.

New members will be of the rank of Squire which carries no great obligations or privileges but allows for members to try it out before making a firm commitment to the Order.
One Degree turns his back and trudges back to his Isle of Humanity.

This is my dry humor. I did mean to bring the fun to a stop. Have a Miller High Life on me.
I am thinking the Order could function as a sanctuary for debt slaves. See a lot of people these days are being nibbled into poverty by their debts. The best way out and the best attack on usury is to default, go bankrupt, but this is painful because you are then barred from using the banking medium for transactions (not everything can be purchased with cash) and assets can be taken from you. Now what if the debt slave "sells" all his property to the Order, becomes an "employee" or "tenant" of the Order and with access to Order's banking medium for transactions and then defaults or goes bankrupt. No pain at all, he loses nothing. Some savvy characters use this kind of creative accounting to get out of taxes, so why not use creative accounting to end debt slavery?
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