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By Dagoth Ur
So there was apparently some epic intercession by Him wherein what once was, now isn't.

However our dream of a mixed-theist haven has remained. In the spirit of that I propose a second movement towards this dream. I assume most of the old list has the same interest in continuing together so:
-Dagoth Ur (Islam, Sufism)
-Paradigm (Anglo-Catholicism)
-Potemkin (Daoism-Mictlantecuhtli devotion)
-annatar1914 (Old Believer/Old Calendarist Orthodoxy)
-noemon (Old Calendarist Orthodox Hellenism)
-RhetoricThug (Mahayana Buddhism-Gnosticism-Eastern esotericism)
-Andrea_Chenier (Roman Catholicism) [Does this member even still post?]
-taxizen (Buddhism-Daoism-Sufism)
-quetzalcoatl (Daoism, Other)
-Rei Murasame (Theosophy, Shinto)
-Political Interest (Sunni Islam)
-Verv (Protestant Christianity)
-Istanbuller (Sunni Islam)
-Eauz (Shinto)
-ComradeTim (Buddhism, Taoism, Pythagoreanism, Celtic paganism, Luciferianism)
-Cromwell (Marcionite Christianity)
-Americanroyalty (Methodist Christianity)
-TheClockworkRat [?]

If not lemme know.

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I repeat my request for a longer descriptor that I made to the deceased.

Buddhism, Taoism, Pythagoreanism, Celtic paganism, Luciferianism.

Old_Hat has also fallen into Tartarus.
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By Nets
I would like to join as a representative of Positive Christianity.

I am kidding, but it would still be less of a joke than Tim's ridiculous self description. Is there any more bullshit you could tack on, champ?
Don't hate on me because I'm deeper and more complex than you. I actually cut it down because I realised the full force of my epic vision for humanity would be too much for your tiny minds to handle. Join the society and perhaps, one day it may be revealed so you can stand in the radiant, beautiful light of my majesty. But I doubt it.
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