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Not my car.... but looks identicle(cept the License Plate, but it's the same State, so it's same color). Same Model, simular wheel rims(Which are brand new and I put Ford logo's on 'em just because it looks cooler)...

'95 Ford Falcon EF, just recently past the 200,000KM mark. Air Bag works but says that it doesn't(the sensor is a little screwed, seems to work when the Boot struts are strong, not sure why, probably has a rear sensor that works off them).

Still can't legally supercharge my car, but will consider it next year....

With Ford, of cause it has some real Design dousies even for it's day... such as the fact it takes more than an hour(possibly even 1 and half hours) to replace the rear boot struts, because you have to actually totally remove part of the backseat first(the side passenger supports), and the manual doesn't say it, but one side is actually bolted right down.
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Got a 2002 Mitsubishi Magna Sports V6. Nice looking car and drives really well. Only pity is that it is front wheel. Looks almost equal to this:

I did have this in Lamai, (125i Honda Flick)which was a damned good bike.

Now it's back to this...
Scoopy i
Raw power! :lol:
Crollic, unless it's an 8, why would you supercharge a 6 EF Falcon? Holden supercharged the V6 VT Commodore and badged it as an SS to sell alongside the 8's. It was a dismal failure. You’d be better dropping in a pre-turbod inline 6 from an old XR6.
That being said, if it’s an 8 go for it, but save your money and upgrade from a EF Falcon!
I have a Series III AU Fairmont Ghia V8.
Il Duce wrote:So few people on Pofo drive....

That's not surprising, I imagine there are a lot of poorish students on here who cannot afford cars.
Plus the usual leftoids who refuse to buy a car :)

BTW I like the Mitsu

Also by the way. Mods/admin prehaps this thread should be moved to
Cars and Trucks and THings that Go forum, as this topic already exsists in there

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