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By late
Odiseizam wrote:
I am aware borders will be closed after 10th jan [1] so as unvaxed I'll be in no position to travel

The sane thing to do is get vaccinated.
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By Odiseizam
the sane thing is to have assurance that those behind the vaccine are not eugenicists! especially the western m'rna vaccines, tho I am not sure whether the eastern vector or the latest si'rna one are safe also ... eventually if Christianity is imperative in our life then The Free Will should be norm, yet as I can see that is not case, especially if we know that indeed there is natural alternative to the genetic pharmacies!

in a sense retro or not futurisms are mechanization of all processes till we get to cyborg singularity, as artistic reflex animatrix comes to mind, I mean whats the point of praising technocratic world where You should choose between death from lab virus and lab patches for the same which eventually will lead to transhumanism sooner or later, so for me its utmost ideological opposition not per'se fearful antivaxer stance, tho I would not like to become borg, even more as Christian refuse to kneel to humanism and its pharmaceutical fruits! (just dont compare the fear from electricity in 19th century as response)

yet as opposition its reasonable thing to search for alternatives to this "futuristic pandemix" (which as trial and error if not problem solution skim, more and more is looking like plandemix!)

    I'll took the opportunity to point that such feat is possible by naturalistic means if we are sure that the used plants are not gmo or nano modified! eg. first line of defense for the immunity would be 1. Interferon probably 2. Citric Acid come second and then as most effective comes 3. Lymphocytes

    1. for perky problem [1] solution is Garlic [1]
    2. for CO2 reasons [2][2] Lemon reflex slips nice [2][2]
    3. and for real threat [3] ultra defense is CBD [3]

now lets assume we all have confidence in the system and are blindly ready on compromises without further bioethical debates around this recent genetic revolution pushed on small door through the m'rna vaccines, will this make the humanity better, think no, simply its word for experimental tech used en'masse, so we can only hope for the best, but in same time we need to expect also the worst, staying sane day after mids eugenix inc. will be really challenge if things went wrong, tho I am in no position to say that that will be case even I knew it will, for that we need authorities among scientists and luckily there is such one like dr. Robert Malone but almost noone from his profession that holds decision chair is raising eyebrows regarding his suggestions, so I'll admit I will be even happy to die as unvaxed just from protest towards this authoritarianism in supposedly western democracy, what is even more fake about the same is how there is wide censorship about the risks from these experimental m'rna gene therapies that now are used for viruses but day after will be employed for chasing superhumanity and surely that will lead all of us to loose Grace to such extent that The Salvation will become more and more distant ideal for those that pretend to be Christians ...
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By Odiseizam
almost one year later I'll say with clear conscious NEVER COMPROMISE with monsters like the euroatlantic determinists who are behind "their" plandemix coz "their" great'reset! this dont mean You should ask as "dem" for revolutions but be wise position Yourself to evade "their" traps, if next digital economy is coerced by jabbing its better to leave the comphy city life and force Yourself even on rural hardship, but nothing is hard if You Have Christ In Your Hearth ...

    So it happened to be bionic revolution too except genetic one, what could be grasp from the graphene oxide in the m'rna jabs [1][1] all in the name of the western neopagan science [2][2][2] coz sake of the western neopagan transhumanist utopianism [3][3] if its comfort tho there is some potential solutions as for the harm from the nanotech in form of l-Glutathione [4] so as for the programmed cells (that produce the spike protein after jabbing) in form of CBD [5][5] the question is how far are ready to go the infamous euroatlantic determinists with "their" madness and how far people will accept "their" faulty jabs!?

finally in context of this thread those scientific revolutions project dystopia, the question is just which one [6][6][6] and take my word for granted You will end dumped in oblivion if You accept such reality, So in time focus on Agrarianism and Salvation [7][7] those not aware what time it is and willing to gamble can expect some kind of cia mkultra [8][8] or dia mknaomi experiment [9][9][9] just like with the hippies earlier but now on vr psychotronic level, hm is brave'new'world waiting them, hm hm hm we can be sure just about the promised tribulations in The Bible Revelation so get wise even cant, reset means reset not upgrade, and when is announced as great probably will tear down our very nature that with the hackable animal meme of w'e'f means exactly that unless we Repent in time and invoke enough Grace so would evade h'o'm'o-silicone transhumanism, hippies and plandemix hitchhiking!

1982 poltergeist and 1972 the next docu, yep western'world'invention ha explored manufactured and shared coz and through theme'park'fun or medical'mercy'advancement, You just need to stand in line! And what is now retro and what futuristic in "their" neopagan utopian picture when in 2022 the world is thrown by "them" on the edge of abyss, retro would be by nanobots trained psyche of push'button'people while futurist spider humanoids, probably "they" think there is no other way "they" would survive "their" own utopian abyss, isnt such, take any projecting pivot and You will recognize empty marxist soul [10][10] however upgraded shines grim totalitarian freedom of endless trial&error scientific dictatorship always lacking one more experiment so would calm "its" utopian lusts what as neverending nightmare now weaponized even the Innocent Childrens Souls to be rebels against our true nature as vaxed with bionic'chimeric jabs what day after by itself as causality will push us over the edge in enlightenment abyss even we would stop the current inertia! in this horror docu think "we may one day duplicate man" on 19:23 gives the best retro futuristic premise what "they" envision as transhumanists [11][11][11] indeed "their" utopia is manageable only in full mechanical environment soulless clean reductionist minimalism of life from socket plug, now go unplug "them" from "their" for few centuries delusional utopian dream!

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