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The nearby college library had copy of the study guide on hand. One of the original hard cover version, too. As a result I'm leaving these forums for the time being to finish my Technocracy studies.

Also, depending on how hard the material is (I did see a few derivatives in it, so it's not lightweight reading material.) I may also have Kolzene occupied with my questions.

Bye for now.
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By nico
well good luck i could imagine it's hard, I think that Technocracy should be easier so the masses can understand it. I think in the future I will follow the footsteps of a true technocrat, until then learn and have fun.
By A_Technocrat

I've already finished the course (faster than I expected). I have to say I increased my knowledge about Technocracy a bit more. Now I'm reading another book that I found at the library about a second-party view of Technocracy's history. From what I've read about it so far is that there were some similar movements at the time and also Technocracy had some beginnings before Howard Scott.

As for making the material easier to understand, that is what Kolzene has been trying to do that for a few years. Before Kolzene there was only the study course and maybe a few pamphlets about Technocracy.

I do have some tips that helped me to understand Technocracy:

- Look at its parts as a technology or a machine.
- Look at the whole picture instead of looking at one small detail. If you first look at the details you will get lost (do top-down learning, just like Technocracy is designed top-down)
- Have faith, and think about it. I didn't catch on to Technocracy the first day I read about it but I did catch on that it is a very logical and sound system. It took me years of thinking and study to get where I'm today and I yet have a few things to learn.

- meh

"From what I've read about it so far is that there were some similar movements at the time and also Technocracy had some beginnings before Howard Scott."

I looked up the word technocracy in some special dictionary (dont remember what kind it was, but it wasnt an ordinary dictionary) in a book store a week ago. It stated that a man by the name of William Henry Smyth "coined" the term technocracy, and that this mans work was later continued by Scott. If you or anyone knows about this it will help me much. As of right now I am reading as much literature on Technocracy as possible, or as much as I can get my hands on, but my loyalty to History forces me to look up origins so I must know who this guy is. Thanks for your help.
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By Omnist Priest
Have there ever been any experiments in technocracy....

Such as a computer simulation?

Is "THX 1138" a possible result of the institution of a technate?

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