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By R_G
Explain it to me, cause I might move into this line of thinking if the entertainment sector is run the way I like...
For the state, destroy the people's sense of self worth.
Storm Saxon is the greatest T.V. show ever.
"Entertainment in a Technocracy." This is probably the greatest thread title I have seen in quite some time. There's just no way to really get around it...

Of course, this is all gross speculation but I assume that something like Holodeck/Holosuite technology could one day be available.

However, this all being said, there are certain important observations about humans that would prohibit entertainment going too far away from reality. Take for instance the refusal of professional sports to allow all manner of performance enhancing drugs and to even insist that equipment is restricted to certain aspects.

While it is entirely possible for this to change there is a certain amount of integrity we all desire in sports culture, and that will probably not change. Literally, new sports would have to be invented for there to be a radial divergence from the standards that we have in place, I believe.

I do not think that entertainment will change super drastically, though, as humans have a natural inclination sometimes to just sit back and passively take in some form of entertainment whether this is through reading or watching a film or play.

I am not sure how it would be radically different but, I would also like to comment that I am no advocate of tecnocracy.

Elect G Max could enlighten us further, I'm sure.
Entertainment in a technocracy you say?

Yeah, I listen to that kind of stuff. I don’t think anyone is surprised.

Don’t forget about connecting entertainment directly into your brain for the ultimate VR experience!

Well actually no, technocracy isn’t about robots and holodecks - though it can lead to those to things. You can also have that kind of stuff without technocracy. Life in a technocracy would be pretty much normal and people would still be living their lives. However, technocracy would allow for more efficient resource allocation, less waste, more output per person and increased automation which make it possible for a system were people have much shorter work weeks. So people would have more free time on the whole and there of course would be plenty of outlets for entertainment for whatever suits your purposes. Entertainment would thus be even more readily available and the nature of such a system would afford people more leisure vs. work time. Heavy focus on scientific achievement would also lead to forms of entertainment constantly introduced and improved. At least that’s my impression of it.

So in conclusion, yes technocracy would probably a lot of fun.
Funny enough I think a technocratic state would eliminate most of the entertainment I dislike.

MTV as it is would most likely go bankrupt....lololol.
I'm unaware of there being any writing about entertainment in Technocracy, but I do believe there'd be a surgance. Today, companies direct attention towards their programming through advertisement and location on limited channels. I imagine in technocracy, free access to the means of promoting your music, art, or show (and better access to means of production-value) would allow for a greater berth of eterntainment of higher quality. I mean, say you're into sports; you could catch every football game for no extra charge, nor any difficulty in switching to an NLL game. There'd be no profit-motive for network TV to push out cookie-cutter sitcoms to fill slots, whereas the next Kevin Smith would have access to state-of-the-art production equipment and the means of distributing it.

In a sense, that portion of technocracy is already here; we've already got youtube, netflix, and spotify.
I can certainly imagine being a pure entertainer would be outlawed.

Like if you're just a singer.......

You should be able to not only create music but be able to produce it as well. It would weed out the hack "musicians" like Lil Wayne and garbage.
"Once a Technate is installed and placed in operation, the intellectual strain on the people will be much reduced. There will not be the huge number of separate problems, requiring numerous separate decisions, that now prevail under the semi-anarchic conditions of the American Price System. The biggest problem they will have is deciding what to do with themselves ; but, even here, superior intellects will be available to devise simple recreational interests and activities for them."

It is interesting to see the battle between governments and the media over whether entertainment is expected to favor the governments or whether it is free to be critical. China, for example has stiffened its iron handed control of the media, and is having a battle with the new breed of censorship killing torrent streaming applications. People within China are streaming movie torrents while officially approved versions are censored to fit communitst party restrictions. One can't read about the Tianamen Massacre in the news, but can easily access documentaries and video clips on the event.

Ditto for numerous movies not favorable to governments with regard to the past several years' economic downturn. So, on the one hand we see technology opening the world of entertainment but at the same time seeing governments without control of the entertainment. Well, if people have the right of speech, there will be speech about who rules and how they do it...
People are only able to access that information if they take the initiative and know what they're looking for, rolling scissors. The information is isolated and the audience atomised. Seeing repeated coverage of a story every time you watch the news or pick up a paper has much more impact.

China is very effective at containing and stifling domestic dissent and maintains firm control over the narrative even if the internet forces it to practice some flexibility.

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