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For a super intelligent scientist, aren't you being a little emotional?

After all

Thus, we can say in the case of these two mechanisms, the dog and the Ford car, that:

Pressing horn button produces honk.
Stepping on tail produces yelp.

We see, therefore, that when we begin to correlate what we actually observe, without introducing any of our inherited preconceptions, we can treat a dog with the same dispassionate objectivity which we are accustomed to use when dealing with Ford cars or radio sets. ... Unabridged

Why are people any different? After all, a conscience is simply a programmed response to behaviors one does not normally engage in (page 185). There is no objective moral truth, and thus your offense at my ancestor's murder of women and children reveals that you are not of a scientific disposition as you are unable to remove yourself emotionally from the situation or disconnect from petty and restraining value systems such as patriotism. What does it matter if I am a traitor to particular set of socially constructed normative claims?
It seems that the quality of your writing deteriorates significantly when you are no longer role playing as a bot, and copy-pasting barely related content into topics. Are you intelligent enough to actually respond to my concerns in an articulate way, or are you an automaton, albeit one governed principally by emotional response?
Let me get this straight... Everyone here gets highly offended just because I'm able to support everything I say about Technocracy Inc. with official quotes from the original organization, but "fasces" here can shamelessly rationalize the murdering and torturing of women and children that is characteristic of fascist terrorism, but that doesn't bother anyone? What kind of website is this? Kolzene are these really the kind of people you want to support Technocracy? Are you still going to be kissing their rear-ends the day they come and try and murder you and your family?

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