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Wrong, about it not being a political style government. It is a classic political structure. Completely changing the face of the way people are governed is political. Technocracy uses an administrative design of Sequences that govern different aspects of society. In that sense it is a traditional government structure. The group TechInc was not a political group. Big difference. TechInc had nothing to do with the projected technate design in structure.

It is a science based social design that is run by a government. The government is structured like a military type of government.

Also there are no 'superficial' things like voting on a flag.

Voting would defeat a Technocracy idea because then you have a democracy. There is not need to vote. Voting is a political component of modern governments, sometimes, but has no connection in a Technocracy. Flag? That is something that is pretty vague and probably not so important.
Quoting from the material you quoted from does not really make a big difference argument wise. Reading the Technocracy Study Course is a different thing than the material you are quoting.
In the Technocracy Study Course its clear that a Technocracy uses a traditional form of government structure so it would be a political structure. The Sequence chart is a form of political government.
I think you need to read second and third party information on this subject since you are quoting from one primary source which does not appear to be reliable and that is also self sourcing material to the group itself so there is little perspective in quoting some document that is not well known 10 times and expecting people to believe it is a reliable source.

You want to completely change the world alter society so much and you do not think that is political? Read outside your circle.
Kolzene wrote:Just because it has a structure in its administration does not make it political. Politics is a method of controlling people, influencing them, persuading them, even threatening them. Nowhere in the Technocracy design are such measures used, it is a completely voluntary organization. The only things the technical administration deals with are objective and technical, and it deals with them in an objective and scientific way. They are solving technical problems so nothing subjective can be used. If it was, it would interfere with getting the best results, so Technocracy has repeatedly stated that in order for it to be the best design it can be it needs to get rid of politics.

I think you've just described a bureaucracy. All large institutions have bureaucracies. Whilst corporations may not be governments they still have governance.
Kolzene wrote: As for "changing the world", we're talking about how Technocracy operates, not about how to achieve it, which is an entirely different discussion.

Some relevant questions to the OP:

1) Does Technocracy focus, in any part of its accepted literature, on how to achieve it - or alternately what forces would have to arise to bring it into existence? I realize this is contingent on changing conditions, but it is a critical discussion to have. For example, an existing socialist state with BIG or JIG would certainly be more predisposed to Technocracy than a neo-liberal capitalist state. Does Technocracy favor incremental step changes?

2) Technocracy, even granting it is not a political movement, cannot be brought into existence without massive political changes. What does the Technocracy community see as its proper role in bringing about the necessary political atmosphere that would allow Technocracy to flourish? Is it purely an educational enterprise?

3) How does Technocracy foresee compensating difficult or dangerous jobs? Growing food, for example, still requires copious amounts of stoop labor under very unpleasant conditions. Without the threat of privation hanging over their heads, who will perform this labor at any salary?

4) Is Technocracy an anarchist movement? Will there be chartalist money, a central bank, military forces, police, taxes, etc...?

I apologize if these have been answered elsewhere, but the answers remain unclear in my mind.
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