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In The Transhumanist Wager by Zoltan Istvan, the city the main character develops, Transhumania seems somewhat technocratic....

I've been wanting to write something as well, but it is really difficult to establish conflict.. Especially when I'm trying to push for technocratic ideals.
You could always go down the murder investigation route.

Also the internal corruption route, group x has been mussapropraitin resources an weapons in order to coup or some such.

There are also political issues you could address within the technocracy, like technocracy is great but we never reformed our intelligence services. Or racial conflict is still an issue in technocratic future America.
99% of stories about technocracy are about political technocracy, i.e. scientists or technophiles in government, usually a highly oppressive one. The ones about economic (i.e. Howard Scott/Technical Alliance) technocracy are far fewer, but I'll tell you all the one's I know about.

No so. There is a lot of misinformation concerning the Technocracy technate design and I see this site perpetuates some of that.
There is no such thing as 'political' Technocracy and Economic Technocracy. That is totally wrong.

Technocracy was one idea that covered everything. Social aspects and energy economic aspects and has nothing to do with the modern use of the word usually.
This book covers the basics
'''''''''''''The TTCD covers the basics.''''''' That is just about the most absurd thing I am bound to hear today. The TTCD the older version pre George Wright era is fine and well written. It is an information hand out brochure like many others... TTSD or something like that. The TTCD George 'approved' version is the only poor piece of literature ever written and re-edited for the Technocracy group

That one person takes charge of a forum and claims to be the all seeing Oz is pretty comical. Maybe you ought to step aside for a while or suggest a forum that actually deals with and gets into the core Technocracy ideas
Kolzene is in charge of the technocracy sub-forum, he is the moderator.

When Kolzene suggests that you make a new thread to argue whatever this is going on between you two so that you aren't derailing this thread you should take that seriously.

As for Kolzene's writing projects, I actually enjoy writing sci-fi short stories from time to time so if you ever want an extra pair of eyes to look at something I would be happy too. It sounds like an interesting project.
mikema63 wrote:Kolzene is in charge of the technocracy sub-forum, he is the moderator.

When Kolzene suggests that you make a new thread to argue whatever this is going on between you two so that you aren't derailing this thread you should take that seriously.

He also changed the subject by bringing up that really bad presentation of Technocracy the TTCD that he edited and he repeats his wrong quotes from that over and over here on other threads.
You have a forum with one person that is totally wrong about their opinions and you want to enforce his authority. Better you stop him from moderating. Even the old TechInc group eventually stopped him from being their Webmaster. He has no influence in Technocracy idea circles except negatively.

One of the very best presentations of near technocratic ideas occurs in a Russian writer that apparently no one brings up here Alexander Bagdanov It was a planet wave of ideas concerning those laws of physics related social theories at the time.
And that's not a very good copy of it anyway. I can provide a much better copy that's OCR'd and indexed to anyone who wants one.

You are the 'Technocracy' facilitator here and you are saying that the original unedited copy of the Technocracy Study Course is not a 'good' copy? The other one you mention is all chopped up ... has the wrong chapter lesson headings... and is missing a big section of the back area. You really have no business trying to present yourself as an expert at anything here
That is the actual book.
You continue your single minded defense of bad material that you somehow had a hand in creating or presenting.
Technocracy concepts as a result will lose their appeal for many people that get wrong information.
daniel w wrote:I'm kind of digging the murder investigation idea. Maybe there's some sort of serial killer type thing...

Engineers can be efficient killers...
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