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How would a Technate deal with more resource intensive projects such as movies, video games, music, etc. and on top of that inventions as well. Would a Technate check a person's ability to create such products and if so, how? And also, how would a Technate deal with the large amount of people asking for a large amount of resources for their resource intensive project? Those questions go for inventions and scientific research as well. Maybe these questions are really simple to answer and I'm just thinking in the confines of the Price System but these questions feel rather important for the function of a Technate.

NOTE: English isn't my first language. If my post seems awkward I apologize.
But I don't think a vote would be a very efficient process on deciding which movie gets made. Firstly, many people may not now how the process of making such a product would actually work thus they can easily vote for a movie that would be impossible to make from the view of a movie making veteran. Second, sometimes, though rare, people don't know what they want. There could be potentially great movies that are disregarded due to how alien it is over a more traditional, familiar movie. On the other side the public can also push for a sequel to another movie even though that movie was meant to end at that point and only to be disappointed by the sequel. But I have a better alternative.

I propose a Movie Making League. Not something like Hollywood and they wouldn't be in charge of resources to be given to specific people but they would simply check if the movie someone wants to make, see the resource intensive parts a person wishes to make, and try to cut down on those expensive resources to something more manageable. The people doing this would be experienced movie producers and movie making veterans. Not only that, but this League would also provide their own human resources such as the movie making veterans I brought up earlier to help with the film and teach newcomers to the film "industry" thus creating more movie veterans thus creating a positive looping cycle.

This approach would be applied to every other traditionally resource intensive medium (particularly video games and your Silicon Valley start up inventions/applications). So what do you think?
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