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By Omnist Priest
I have given much thought as to the shape of an urbanate and I came across the design for the Tokyo Bay Pyramid. I believe that this building is the symbol of technocracy's goals.

Has anyone seen this plan and does anyone agree?
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By Mr. Anderson
I wasn't able to find the actual designs, but I did read a few schematics. From the sound of it, it would be a perfect urbanate.
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By Omnist Priest
Reading this, I agree with the magazine.

Energy distribution is not the best thing to place at the center of the city, and would it not be better to build larger plants servicing a few cities?

I think that "commercial" and governmet buildings should be placed in the center and that only freight should be moved underground. I believe that transportation is less depressing when above ground. Think about flying over a mono-chromatic, and clean, city on a lightning-fast monorail.

The Greek polis was an urbanate before its time. Will hydroponics be used more? If so farming can be better achieved indoors in huge structures servicing hundreds of cities. In this way farming can be safer and more quickly advanced, it also saves even more land for better use.

I can see the future farmer leaving his home, taking a monorail over forests and rivers toward a dark silhouette on the horizon, this being a mile-high, mile-wide superstructure in which agriculture takes place.

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By Omnist Priest
I believe that since transportation would use less resources in a technate (and since once you build a train it does need to be built over and over), that it would consume less resources to build one large building than to build many smaller ones.

Meaning that one building could more efficiently recycle and distribute resources with larger machines than having to build smaller ones for every small farming building. If it is possible to have specialization to such a degree as you describe, then why does a technate require the whole continient? If you expect resources to stay in specific area to avoid transportation costs than what is the purpose of having so much landmass?


One kilometer? How many people will be living in an Urbanate?
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