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By Omnist Priest
If technology can be used to design 90% of crime out of the sysytem, that is fine, but how will the crimes that do occur be punished?

What will the judicial system consist of, and how will laws be brought to light and then enforced?

Will these systems operate as they do today?

Could the government of America still exist with the technate as a representative government of the people? (Asuming that its only role will that of social issues, since the design of the technate prevents all others.)
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By Omnist Priest
People prefer to follow laws that were created by someone who they had a hand in electing.

If the people who make the laws have no communication with the people (i.e. they do not share the same social values), then how can they efficiently legislate?

This way would be like the high school students governing the elementary school students.

Social values are unique to different people and no person can please all, therefore representative government is the most efficient means of defining "values."

What you are saying Kolzene is that authority can produce the result of total submission to the "law." This however does not mean that the people will appreciate the legislation. Democracy is key to functional legislation, oligarchy never pleases the people.
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By Mr. Anderson
Moral issues will be democratically decided. Reasoning? Technical skills are not necessary to determine them.

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