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By El Gilroy
Technocracy, as far as the model goes in my understanding, is totalitarian in certain aspects of society, and entirely non-interfering in others.

To sum it up, I'll just quote myself from another, but quite similar, topic:
As far as I can judge, and following modern definitions, it will be both, distributed over certain sectors.
Economy, Infrastructure, Education, Research and other matters the technate would simply require to perpetuate itself would most likely have to be controlled and coordinated centrally, whereas personal issues such as culture, relationships, entertainment and non-economic activities, for examples, are left entirely to the individual.

Of course, an administration would have to interfere when parents tried, as an example of what is today a, legally, rather blurry matter, to religiously or otherwise indoctrinate their children, or if someone decided to burn down a forest for whatever reason. But then again, there would be no reason for it to, say, materially subsidise ballet while leaving young rock bands on their own, or promote happy two-parent-two-children families, since such issues are, as stated before, none of its business.



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