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By Manuel
Technocracy seems very... utopian to me, even if I am attracted to the idea. However, I do not think it would be possible to transition from our current economic system directly into technocracy without major problems, both social and economic.

Meanwhile, while investigating corporatist and integralist regimes in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, all these regimes advocated technocracy as their ultimate utopia, and used this economic system as a sort of transitional period towards the final "technocratic society".

I figured I'd ask someone who knows technocracy well... is there a transition period that technocracy advocates, and why do fascist societies of old seem to believe technocracy would be the logical continuation of their existence? Do technocrats of tomorrow advocate fascism today as the middle ground?
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By MB.
Technocracy is basically the system by which communism is achieved.

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