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By fuser
Its over, England is dead.

A great match, for a moment I thought England will just make it specially after that dropped catch of Chris Woakes

I am glad for Bangladesh, ICC really needs to reconsider if they are planning to restrict teams contesting in 2019 world cup to be 10, Tier B teams have shown some good performance, likewise I hope Ireland qualifies too.

Its probably the first time that England have been knocked out in group stages only.
England are f*cking diabolical.

Fair play to Bangladesh. I've always had a soft spot for them, for some reason.

Also, great troll comment on the BBC Sport page just now:

Jon, Scotland wrote:These matches between the minnows are producing good finishes!

Afghanistan next for England ... looking forward to that one.

The teir B teams have been great in this WC ... but regular ODI's really need some context and I can sort of see the rationale for making the ODI rankings meaningful with WC qualification.

These matches between the minnows are producing good finishes!
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By fuser
These matches between the minnows are producing good finishes!

England is still a top-notch team when it comes to Test Matches though but this is ODIs so.

I wonder what Peterson is thinking.
Pietersen's obviously loving it, because he is a rootless traitor and scourge of The People. I don't want to have to go into FRS territory here, but suffice it to say he is a very bad man.
By Quantum
England continues its impressive record on all sports.

fuser wrote: I hope Ireland qualifies too.

Do you think that Ireland can beat India and Pakistan? West Indies have the UAE game in the bag.
By Decky
But but South Africa's two main player are of Pakistani descent. What am I supposed to do?

Hate both teams of course.
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By fuser
Quantum wrote:Do you think that Ireland can beat India and Pakistan? West Indies have the UAE game in the bag.

Not really, Ireland's batting is as good as any but they really lack in Bowling department. They don't even have a proper fast bowler but in Cricket you always give chance and I will say they have more of a chance against Pakistan because latter's batting performance has been abysmal in recent times which might compensate for Irish Bowling.

Anyways, Ireland has three victories while WI has two but they would get their third against UAE and then it will be decided according to net run rate. So, basically if Ireland wins any of their upcoming two matches, they are through or even if they loose it, they will have to make sure they loose it by a small margin.

So at this stage I will say they have a 50% of chance for qualifying to knock out stages.

Edit: It was a bad loss for Ireland against India, now they will have to defeat Pakistan to go through as they are too far behind in net run rate. I hope they do, as I said their batting is as good as any but bowling is probably worst in the tournament.
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By Eauz
Yay for Sri Lanka! They made it to the QF against South Africa.
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By fuser
My predictions :

Sri Lanka Vs South Africa : Sri Lanka

Bangladesh Vs India : India

Australia Vs Pakistan : Australia

New Zealand Vs West Indies : New Zealand
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By Eauz
You are wrong. Sri Lanka is going to win this cup.
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By fuser
How am I wrong if I am predicting a win for them in QF?

I said nothing about SF or final
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By Eauz
I don't know. I just know you're wrong.
Bangladesh Vs India : India

Amazing this match has come about.

Bangladesh has looked the most solid I've ever seen them. After knocking out English they gave NZ (at the top of their game) a scare.

They're in good form ATM and India should take a win against them as a given.
I must have been drunk or high on drugs or something.

But yes, India showed they were a class above. Sets them up against the Aussies or Pakistan. But I don't think India have the bowling to strike out or contain Australia tho.
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By fuser
Yeah, Australia will be the favorite amongst the two teams although it should be a good contest, I will give Australia 60% chances of winning against India's 40. But Aussies still have Pakistan to contest with and yeah Aussies are clearly the better team than two, Pakistani batting is simply sub-par and I doubt they can hold off Australia's pace battery.
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By fuser
I feel for the bowlers, the score of 200 for any batsman seemed impossible five years ago.

AUS and IND should be glad that at least they are not facing NZ in semis.

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