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By fuser
And an epic match going on in first semi, 99 of 78 balls, 6 wickets remaining.

Its nail biting time.

Edit : 29 of 17 balls, 4 wickets remaining........

Great first semi.

Edit 2 : Holy shit....

5 runs 2 balls and Elliot hits a six on Steyn.

Best match of WC so far and one of the greatest in recent times. Heart break for South Africa but New Zealand seems to be finding new heroes in every match, today it was Elliot.
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By fuser
AUS completely dominated the game and its the two team in finals who were most expected to be there.

I feel that AUS will take the cup for a fifth time, NZ haven't played in Australia in this tournament and that would be a great advantage for AUS
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By fuser
Australia lifts the cup for fifth time, congrats.

But it was a dull match like all world cup finals where Australia have won, completely one sided. NZ didn't seem to recover from Mccullum's loss in very first over.
That was that.

It deserved a great final but that one could have been better.

Australia has its batting and bowling both peak at the right time in this cup.

NZ really needed to chill out in the face of quality bowling, but so be it.

The 2011 CWC thread was pretty epic, and this one did ok. See you all in 2019 hopefully.
England are almost like a third world country when it comes to cricket. The thing is that all the sides left in the World Cup have more than one player that is capable of scoring 150 to 200. We dont have such players, you might get a big innings once every few years, if were lucky.
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By Thomaszovo

I would like to have a mod that only show the first 25 words of the description on view video page. Then i want to be able to click Read More to read the whole description.
England is a good side, all of their top 5-6 batsmen have an average of almost or close to 40.00. The key thing that i consider is letting england down in 50 overs cricket is their consistency.
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