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By deewelch
Okay, now it's the time for talking about animals, which can be really close to your heart (pets), but some of you can really afraid of them. Are there animals which you really are afraid of? Or is there something that you love? Do you have any pets? Want to tell us about it/them?
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By deewelch
Even President Putin loves dogs so we should also. ;) Actually, I have a 2-year-old female labrador and I am planning to put her outside. I am thinking of buying a dog house for her but I'm not sure what design or style I need to buy for her. Need some help guys! ;)
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By deewelch
Just an update guys I saw these dog houses which has different styles and designs. Some of the houses are beautiful, spacious and looks comfortable to live in. What do you think about the dog houses? I'm open for more suggestions, though.
By skinster
Dog houses are an amusing idea.

I am into cats. The only ones I have right now are the one that lives with my mum and the one that lives with my sister, both in England. I don't know if my mum and sister know that I own their cats but that's by the by. I was talking to my brother's wife the other day and she told me how someone had left a kitten, tied up, in a bag near her house. She said the bag was tied up and the kitten could've suffocated and oh that made me feel sick. My sister-in-lol has allergies or some shit and that was what prevented her from having pets before (I think she's lying) but her two young children fell in-love with the kitten and somehow have got to keep her/him. They named her/him Fuzby or something silly like that, and now they have a kitten (that I own, secretly).
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By Godstud
I prefer cats, too. Unfortunately, the wife and son wanted a dog, and so we have a dog. Still, it's not bad, I suppose.

Her name is Maya, and she's about 1 year old.
I like cats and dogs a lot. My dog's name is Taco and my cat's name is Mojo, but he lives with my wife's parents. I used to have rats who were very sweet, but they piss on you all the time and smell bad. My friend has a pig that is satan's spawn.

All in all its fairly obvious to me why people mostly stick to cats and dogs.
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By Godstud
We're on dog #3 in the last 2 years. Brownie, and then Lotto were both killed by cars. :hmm: Some Thais don't even slow down for dogs.

Maya got hit by a truck and had her front legs broken when she was still a pup, but we took care of her and she healed up perfectly and is lightning quick. We don't let her out of the yard, but the kids come and play with her for a few hours every day so she gets tons of exercise and fun.

My wife names the dogs, and she's had a Niki Bono and a Candy Justin, as dogs before(worst names ever!)...both males. Both killed by cars.
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By Godstud
Yep. I told my wife that this is the LAST pet we are having. Unless it dies of old age, we're not getting anything but gold fish.
My Dog was 18-19 years old when he died earlier this year.

He was called Woofer and was a Terrier crossed with a Pomeranian(we believe). We called him that because when he was a pup he looked exactly like a stuffed toy terrier with the same name that I took everywhere when I was a toddler. Had a beautiful distinctive sooty looking grey-brown haired snout and nose.

He got out 4 times at our old house, twice found quickly on the Street and twice(once by sheer fucking thank God Miraculous luck) found at the RSPCA(Shelter) in Burwood....

God those days waiting for News from the RSPCA was terrible. They mixed up the dogs and told us he was on life support and pretty hurt... Lucky that wasn't him. Even more lucky when they took us to look at the pound, he was there in the first one! Damn Rego Tag had gone missing from his collar.

Only was injured/sick once(during one of his escapes, he dislocated his hind leg and needed an operation, so for a while he hopped around on threes with stiches and compleatly shaved hip and leg). Had a scare once too, he had apparently had some rat poison accidentally so took medication as a precaution. And some bastard that didn't like him barking so often once threw a rat pellet over our front fence. Never found out who did it. Prick.

Dad(also passed this year) got him in 1999 as a tiny energetic pup straight from a breeder on my Birthday. Sat on my Lap in the car riding back home. Friendship at first pat.....
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By colliric
I never understood the cruelty of throwing Rat Poison over a fence where a Dog lives that you apparently simply don't enjoy the barking of(Granted he developed Doggie Dementia and was barking at odd night hours)...

It wasn't the type of rat bait we regularly used, which is how I knew some stupid bastard had tried it.
I like cats and dogs. I think I like cats more. I see 3 cats walking around the neighborhood. They usually don't make a lot of noise and some do like being petted.

The dogs in the neighborhood like to bark a lot. One time a guy yelled "shut up!" during the night and the dog shut right up. It was funny.
I dont like big dogs I dont trust them and whenever I see a big dog walking around without an owner I cross the street to the other side

good thing that there are almost no lone dogs here as they are being rounded up and killed or sent to so shelters dont really care as long as they dont around
My last two dogs were poisoned at the same time by a farmer who placed poison along his field next to my property. It was additionally weird because we were in the process of selling everything because my wife wanted to travel in her remaining days. It prevented us from making hard decisions about what to do with them. That such a cruel act could also be almost merciful will always stay with me. It is a weird world.
My BFF, Brig, a border collie x, died a couple of years ago. I waited 6 months before looking for a new puppy. The first day of looking, I went to the shelter and found Handsome Jock, a 2 year old Springer. He'd been in an accident, hit by a car, and his owner couldn't afford the bills so the SPCA took him, repared him, moved him 200 km down island, and, after 9 weeks in isolation, put him up for adoption. His story was heartbreaking, but we adopted him on the spot, took him home and started physio on him. Long walks on hills. We have acreage carved out of a rain forest. Nirvana for a Springer.

He's so much like Briggs that it's weird. Complete gentleman. Utterly devoted to me. Even has a number of Briggy's quirks. It occurred to me that Handsome Jock's channeling Brig. Two BFF in one.

I love animals and miss having kitten kaboodles, but Jock is a treasure. He and the horses are enough these days.


Sorry to read about your father and your dog. Hugs.
Zionist Nationalist wrote:I dont like big dogs I dont trust them and whenever I see a big dog walking around without an owner I cross the street to the other side

Clearly, you haven't met mine. At nearly 40kg he is a big strong dog.
Today, during one of my walks we met a bunch of early teens.
Max, my dog wanted to approach them.
"Wait" was all I needed to say. He did.
"Mister, is your dog friendly?"
"He is."
They came over and fussed over him. He lapped it up, rolled over so they could stroke his tummy.
But some people fear dogs. My next door neighbour's wife was one. Somehow Max senses that and flops down for her. No instruction given or required. She has come round to liking Max.

Of course I think he is one of a kind. He is my dog after all. But others often comment on his gentle demeanour.
Here is little Pablo trying to bite his tail. He ain't bovved....


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