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Salt, Vinney and Tom aren't to pleased with the snow as pygmy goats originally came from Africa.

MistyTiger wrote:Awww, they're so cute! I like goats.

Me too with some asparagus on the side.
Decky wrote:I really fancy some curried goat now.

You seem knowledgeable about curried goat. What's this all about? lol

By Decky
I don't make it myself, although maybe I will have to learn once the Tories have finished stabbing our loyal Caribbean colonials in the back so they can import more Eurotrash.
My son has a pit bull that wants to ‘play fight’ every big dog he encounters. He never tries to hurt them, so he always gets bitten. Somehow he got all the aggressiveness of the breed without any real conviction to harm.

I'd say your puppy has a master's in soleful eyes. Does s/he manipulate you a little?
Stormsmith wrote:I'd say your puppy has a master's in soleful eyes. Does s/he manipulate you a little?

A little? He's got me wrapped around his little claw, and to make things worse, I don't even care. :lol:

In fairness, in this particular case he was just staring at a bird/squirrel in the tree outside our window. But I have no doubt he knew I had my camera out. :D

At least you're honest. My husband gives me a hard time for spoiling Handsome Jocko, but honestly, he's nearly as bad. What's your pups name?
By ness31
Does anyone have any natural remedy for skin allergies on dogs? My 1 and a half year old pup is allergic to everything it seems ☹️ I am going out of my mind to help her. Through a very long and protracted process of elimination I’ve come to realize a raw diet of mainly fish or lamb is what aggravates her the least.
But during the summer, grass and pollen and any other number of environmental factors set her off.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I could turn a blind eye to it and pop her a very expensive pill everyday for the rest of her life, but I’d like to try some natural solutions first.


I used a weak solution of tea tree oil on Briggy's 'hot spots' when he liked his elbows raw. Read the label carefully

Another dog who had weepy eyes responded to a child's dose of cheap antihistamines. Both dogs were about 75 lbs
By ness31
I was hoping you’d respond Stormy :)

I find antihistamines ineffective tbh. To stop the appearance of hot spots I use an eliazabethan collar. And if she chews at her feet like she has been, I use a balm and then put her in baby socks.

I’ve tried boosting her immune system and all that for a more holistic approach, but nothing works. Her coat is actually spectacular, but she has nipped and licked her hind leg so much that she’s created a bald patch.
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