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A few said I might post my track plans here.
I will try.
It will be an attachment because I have no idea how to attach images.
Also, the image would be too small to read.

This is an experiment. I'll see what happens. and Edit this.


OK, that didn't work. The files are in a strange format, i.e. "XTrackCAD" and the system here didn't even "see" them in the Library when I uses the Attachment process.

So, I can't post them yet.

I know it has been a long while since I 1st asked for help.

I decided to redo the track plan to make it without any curved turnouts. So, now it just uses Atlas sectional track and #4, #6, #3 Wye, and Snap Switches. To get it to fit I had to expand the table to 5'x9'.

Then I had to figure out how to get it out of the computer and into a format that I can post here or elsewhere. So, I finally tried printing it, getting it scanned, and putting the scan back into my computer. This worked, it is now in PDF format.

I'm 99% sure I can post it here now. Later today or tomorrow.

The plan is based on ideas in the book “Track Planning for Realistic Operation” by (I think) John Armstrong. It features: ease of construction on 2 levels with a ramp up to the upper one, a double track Main Line to run 2 trains round and round, 2 yards with a Branch Line between them for point to point operation, 2 turntables so you can use steam locos, a hidden circle of track to park trains (& you can park a train on one loop of the main line), the Main Line uses 18” curves and #4 & #6 stitches & the Branch Line has some 15” curves & Atlas Snap Switches because the locos will be smaller there, and you could add a few 1 car sidings in a few places. You could easily run 3 or even 4 trains/locos at the same time. A line across the table shows where a scenery cliff is located and maybe a view block with a tiny/short tunnel.
When I was a kid, I had a friend whose entire basement was a massive model railroad. It was cool to look at once, but that was about it for me.
Over 2939 views. That is very nice.
But, not one reply (after the track plan was posted). Did anyone find it useful or at least interesting?
Not one thumb, either.

Not much incentive to post another; however, I have already spent the money to get it scanned. So. I might as well share it with you-all.

This one is also on a 5'x9' table.
Otherwise this one is totally different. No yard, no branchline.
Instead it is for the guy who just wants to watch the trains running, but with a lot of challenges because the tracks cross each other.
It shows a very busy junction in the center of the table. Here 2 single track lines are seen to cross a double track mainline. At the right and left are hills where all the tracks disappear into tunnels. Under those hills are loops that are holding tracks or just make the run longer. There are some 15" rad. curves you can't avoid.
[Actually it is just a double track figure-8 with the tracks moved apart in some areas and loops added.]

Please say what you think.

BTW --- I wish I knew how to rotate the image.

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