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By Drlee
She looks like what a sperm looks like up close and personal.
By ness31
@Philby Where were you when I wanted to discuss Burqa Barbie, sorry, Hijab Barbie based on the American Olympic fencer?

It’s perfectly normal for a sportsware company to cater to its clientele. I like it.

But I despise it on Barbie! Barbie is a curvy, blonde sex kitten and I was horrified to see her in a Hijab.

Ok. I think I’m done... :|
By foxdemon
Why is the burkini so controversial?

OK, here’s the story of why we invented it.

On Australian beaches we have life guards. If we didn’t, all you foriegn tourists would get caught in rifts and drown. So, we needed some a Muslim chicks to join the surf rescue teams to save conservative ethnic chicks who went swimming, since it might have caused problems if the rescuer was male. Since Muslim chicks are supposed to be covered apart from face and hands, we had to invent the burkini. Now Muslim Australian chicks can be live guards on the beach.

That’s really all there is to it. The global controversy is quite bemusing. :?:
By ness31
Is that a burkini? I thought it was just a sports outfit.

I take issue with the word burkini too. There’s no ‘kini’ in a burkini :| They can use Onsie .
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Foxdemon is clearly unfamiliar with Egypt and Turkey where Muslim women let their hair down.
By ness31
I doubt Foxdemon is unfamiliar with those countries. They are speaking anecdotally
By foxdemon
AFAIK wrote:Foxdemon is clearly unfamiliar with Egypt and Turkey where Muslim women let their hair down.

Some do, some don’t. Women from many cultures were head scarves. Perhaps I should start telling you what to wear?

On a related point, we have women only swim classes and fitness clubs. Muslim chicks can freely participate without conflict with conservative religious beliefs. Is that a problem?

One contradiction is the PC people’s insistence on dropping prejudice against gays. This relates to conservative Christians etc, as well as conservative Muslims. I think these disparite groups should be simply kept apart rather than forcing one or the other to accept the opposing view point. However, after the gay marriage vote, the PC people seem fired up on the idea of crushing religious conservatism. I bet they haven’t considered that means Muslims as well as Christians.

Expect new developments on tolerant solutions as we sort that contradiction out.
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By Godstud
It's a hoody.

This pic says it all...
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Please tell me more about this Muslim hivemind that has infected 1.4 billion people in 50 countries making them subject to blanket statements and gross generalisations. ;)

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