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:?: ("Sensational News" newspaper, 29.01.2018, "Special Opinion: Sergey Nikolaev."
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March 18, 2018 in Russia will be the election of the President. Despite its high rating, Putiin is conducting a number of special operations to increase his popularity. Now I will reveal to you secrets of one of these operations.
By 2018, the Putiin's group had stolen more than $ 700 billion from the treasury. Therefore, they have enough money to buy or recruit anyone. I am sure that Putiinists have bribed or recruited for their purposes many figures of the IOC (International Olympic Committee). I suspect such concrete people as Valery Fornairon and Tomas Bach. Their actions are beneficial to Putiin and give out their double essence.
Corrupt members of the IOC helped Putiin to get the Olympics in Sochi. Thanks to this event, he raised his rating in 2014. Now, corruption agents act against not only those athletes who used dope (doping). They take obviously unfair, ill-founded decisions against pure Russian athletes, who have never had any claims (Victor An, Bukin and others). This is the Putiin's political order: you do not have to deal with justice, you just need not let them go to the Olympic Games under the far-fetched pretext of honest athletes. And some Western participants who took doping - on the contrary: it is necessary to skip the olympiad. It is the best trump card for Putin's propaganda and not come up with: discrimination is "super"! In this way, Fornairon, Bach and other alleged corrupt officials or manipulated unintelligent sports officials create the necessary factual basis for Putiin's lying theatrical performance: allegedly Russia is surrounded by enemies who are harming Russia even in the sport sphere, and Putiin is the only one candidate for the Presidency who is the defender of Russia.
Thus, corrupt officials and fools help Putiin to win the presidential election. They do this under the guise of fighting against doping, supposedly for a clean sport. Russian News for January 27-28 and for other numbers - constantly remind that absolutely clean Russian athletes are removed from the Olympics and thereby deprived of medals, and they say, some "evil West"does it. Often called the names of the injured athletes: Shipulin, Ustyugov, An, Bukin, Nikitin, Kasyanov. Less often - Yuskov, Kulizhnikov, Elistratov, Zubkov and others. Most likely, Putiin's propaganda does not mention the names of doping athletes, does not advertise: it hides them. I believe that they are covered by clean sportsmen, their surnames are called in the news. In addition, the specific names of Western athletes who use dope on the orders of doctors and with the permission of the IOC, who are admitted to the Olympics, are named. A Russian ones are limited: Russiaт enemies do not let them come. One Swedish coach states from the screen that our athletes are suspended from the Olympic Games because they are Russian. Putiin's propagandists claim that this is the "fire of the Olympic Inquisition" and the age-old hatred of all Russians. They say that russian pure athletes do not have the right to protection. They say that it is difficult to protest removal, that it is obviously impossible to win this game before the Olympics. I believe that this time trouble has been thought out in advance by Putiin's black technologists and carried out by corrupt officials from the IOC in the interests of Putiin.

What to do? There is an exit! We must accept compromise solutions against Putin's propaganda and defend the rights of innocent athletes:
1) The above mentioned 10 sportsmen must be allowed to the Olympic Games: Shipulin, Ustyugov, An, Bukin, Nikitin, Kasyanov, Uskov, Kulizhnikov, Elistratov, Zubkov. Their coaches - too. But under certain conditions. If they are innocent, then they will agree. Check each of them on the lie detector, and 3 times by different groups of the best and disinterested experts. For each of them must constantly monitor for 4 people (2 + 2, shifts), day and night, in the bedroom and in the toilet the same. It is desirable that the servant workers understand the speech under the control, that is, that they are Russian-speaking, but this is not very necessary. All the conversations need, just in case, to be recorded on audio media. Actions can be recorded on video, but it is not necessarily. All food and drinks should be checked in two ways and ordered through a controlled delivery service. Injections are prohibited for them. To reduce suspicion, athletes may refuse to use the phone and the Internet. By the way speaking: many athletes did not suspect that they were given a cocktail of dope, so they could also be put on the Olympics.
2) Financing of these additional measures should be at the expense of fines. We must assume that the mass use of doping in Sochi was sanctioned personally by Putin. If Putiin wants to get rid of such suspicions, then grant him the right to undergo exactly the same triple check on the lie detector, as well as the athletes. It is necessary to impose targeted fines on Putin's friends: Mutko, Prigogine, Kovalchuk, Rottenberg + Rottenberg, Timchenko, Goloschapov, Raldugin, Gryzlov and Fradkov. They are also exactly 10. Do not impose fines on those who will be able to pay the fines to themselves in the next election: for example, for deputies.
3) To remove from the Olympic Games those athletes from the West who are now admitted, but have previously used doping with the permission of doctors and the IOC, so that there are no grounds for Putiin's propaganda about the double standards of the IOC.
4) Arrest and check 3 times on the lie detector not only of Buch and Fornieron, but of all suspected functionaries of the IOC: who made decisions, profitable PU.
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(Who agrees is the request: the maximum repost + translation, if possible, into another language.) Whoever opposes and expresses plausible arguments against these ideas is the crook of the KGBand who manipulates naive people!
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