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AFAIK wrote:In the UK you can return anything within 2 weeks of purchase for any reason, even if you've used it. I did so a few times with PlayStation games.

This isn't true. There are plenty of things you do't get refunds for. I remember when I was a kid GAME had a blanket policy of not offering refunds on PC games for example.
Igor Antunov wrote:Having monopolized PC gaming, Valve is a potential liability, but not yet. They are still a good company who put the consumer first. When that changes, is when we have a problem.

I remember hating buying physical copy games from fucken Kmart or Dick Smith....

Use to be a real bitch in the 80s and 90s returning them here even when you had the receipt and everything in the box.

Have you got any suggestions(software + accessories) for Switch? Been trying for the last few posts to get these bastards to give recommendations but they keep immediately changing topic. Hate when that happens.

I've already got LA Noire and Resident Evil Revelations 2(Love survival horror and this should give me a good fix for a bit). Going to buy the ports of Doom, Wolfenstein 2(looks good) and Skyrim next(never played it). Then Mario(Mario 3D World is still fresh in my mind, so First Party can wait a little). Obviously had Zelda on Wii U so no need to recommend it.

I'm thinking of getting the Recharging USB Joycon grip because I'm mostly going to play it docked and don't want to keep attaching and detaching the joycon just to charge them. Got a cheap 500gb Micro SD from China for 50buck... Because fuck quality, so long as it works(which it does).

If I leave it permanently docked and plugged in does that kill the battery quicker?
NoahJones wrote:I like steam. The place where you can play any games in one place.

Except fortnite :excited:
Yeah, I have to agree. I have been sticking with my PS4 Pro though I hear Xbox One X is much better graphics wise. I am waiting for the PS5 to come out! Been playing some Far Cry 5 when I have the chance which is a pretty fun game!
The usual dialogue is that Epic Games is the devil for paying developers to release there instead of on Steam and that the Chinese have filled the Epic Games store with spyware.

I don't play many games today but I think gamers are hard to please. People don't want too much Steam, then the alternative is evil. Gamers and devs may be lucky that an alternative is coming out at all!

The real question is why it increasingly takes foreign influence to provide people with alternatives. The US' anti-trust application is way behind. Apple, Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are all monopolies. People are using Telegram (Russian) or DLive (also partly Chinese-owned) because only foreigners are providing viable alternatives, which seems like a sure sign of a monopoly to me.

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