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So, I work with a bunch of New York Mets fans, and I've started following the MLB season, initially for trash-talking purposes. To my surprise, I've actually started really enjoying it. Are there any other nerds like me on the forum? :lol:
Baseball's a great game.
I've been trying to figure out cricket but it's so confusing, I have no idea what's going on.
Heisenberg, I though you were a loyal Cricket fan, didn't expected at all that you will turn out to be such a traitor.
Decky wrote: rounders is a kids game.

Any MLB player would make it in professional cricket but very few cricket players could compete in the MLB. There's just no comparison in terms of athleticism or the level of competition.
It is bizarre how defensive American's get about their terrible sports barely anyone in the rest of the world gives a shit about playing. Say what you like about British sports they are played all over the world for a reason.
Well they are so delusional that they call their local affairs, world series and then talk about better competition than a sports that is actually played worldwide. But on the brighter side, this provides good comedy opportunities.
@Decky no American gives a shit about what games foreigners play. No one is getting defensive: you just play worthless sports. Cricket is only popular in countries where open defecation is popular (UK).

That being said baseball is horrible and hockey can't start soon enough :lol:
I hope you mean Field Hockey.... :excited: and to be fair, Sivad did went into full defensive mode after Decky's little insult.

@Heisenberg Look what you have done, this thread is all your fault.
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Americans. :lol: You go on and on about your precious freedoms and then insinuate there is something wrong with squatting down and leaving a big steaming Blairite for all to see. :?:
He said an objective fact. If I said that Decky has never felt the consenting touch of a woman would you call that defensive? It's simply the truth ;)

Decky is defending shitting in the street. I didn't know he'd shifted to Maoism.
Mao didn't shit in the street, he went for walks in the park and had a guy who dug a hole for him to shit in after his walk. Seems sort of odd but what can you expect from non Leninist socialists?
Don't try to back out of your Maoism Decky. It's written for all to see.

Back to the topic: I watched an Orioles game live once and it was pretty fun. All sports are good if you drink enough.
I would argue the idea of a first world Maoist is an oxymoron but there was a Dutch socialist party that was officially Maoist well into the 90s. :lol:
fuser wrote: to be fair, Sivad did went into full defensive mode after Decky's little insult.

I'm not being defensive, it's just a fact. There's a reason America dominates the world in any and every sphere it cares to. America has huge diasporas from every people and culture on the planet. It draws the best and brightest from every corner of the earth so the level competition is just unparalleled. Plus it has unparalleled resources to develop talent to peak capacity. If America isn't dominating cricket or soccer it's because America doesn't give a shit about cricket or soccer.

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