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By ness31
Any Malaysian posters on PoFo making Rendang curry? You’ll be happy to know I’ve attempted my first today. It’s currently on the stove doing its thing.
I’m praying the bitterness from the lime leaves dissipates after a few hours and that I don’t choke at the end when I gotta brown it off. I’m pretty nervous actually lol :lol:

It was also my first time using whole nutmeg. That’s an interesting little spice ball innit?

So if anyone on here is a rendang aficionado I’d be more than happy to take whatever tips you throw my way.

I’m off to check my curry...

2.5 hours later. My beef cheek is still rock hard but the bitterness is gone. I’m going to crank up the heat to a low simmer. Maybe. Should I? Gah!
By ness31
Ok, so five hours later I’ve whipped up a very respectable rendang curry. Didn’t think I was gonna make it, but the moment I added the desiccated coconut it all came together.

So, pat on th back for me.

I just don’t wanna look at the f’kin thing anymore let alone eat it so I guess I’ll just have a sandwich :lol:
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