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The Guardian wrote:Stink hits darts grand slam as match features flatulent end

Gary Anderson and Wesley Harms both deny responsibility for ‘rotten’ fart smell during Wolverhampton tournament

Pádraig Collins

Sat 17 Nov 2018 04.02 GMT Last modified on Sat 17 Nov 2018 10.46 GMT

ImageGary Anderson blames his rival Wesley Harms for farting during their darts match. Photograph: Shane

The world of professional darts has been rocked by two players accusing each other of repeatedly breaking wind during a match.

Gary Anderson of Scotland and Dutch man Wesley Harms blame each other for “rotten” farts during their clash in the Grand Slam of Darts.

Anderson, who has twice been the world champion, won the match 10-2 to earn a place in the quarter-finals of the competition.

But in a post-match interview Harms said his poor form was due to Anderson breaking wind on stage and leaving a “fragrant smell”.

He went further while speaking to Dutch TV station RTL7L: “It’ll take me two nights to lose this smell from my nose.”

When Anderson in turn laid the blame at Harms’s door, the Dutchman responded: “If the boy [Anderson] thinks I’ve farted he’s 1010% wrong. I swear on my children’s lives that it was not my fault. I had a bad stomach once on stage before and admitted it. So I’m not going to lie about farting on stage.”

ImageWesley Harms in action during the match. Photograph: Shane Healey/ProSports/Rex/Shutterstock

World No 4 Anderson hit back with extraordinary detail about the smell he blamed on Harms. “It definitely came from table-side and it was eggs, rotten eggs, but not from me,” Anderson said.

“Every time I walked past there was a waft of rotten eggs so that’s why I was thinking it was him. It definitely wasn’t me.

“It was bad. It was a stink, then he started to play better and I thought he must have needed to get some wind out.

“If somebody has done that they need to see a doctor. Seemingly he says it was me but I would admit it.”

Was it a Grand Slam of Farts too? :lol:
Ah. I saw a ‘fartgate’ headline somewhere, now I know what the reference was.

Speaking of darts, I was browsing a catalogue the other day and my eye caught an electronic dartboard :?: What will they think of next?

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