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Politics_Observer wrote:@BigSteve Somebody should tell her it was disrespectful though it was not her intention to be disrespectful towards our flag.

I don't believe that. I believe she's one of those Kaepernick-esque idiots who don't give a fuck about the flag...

Speaking of which, if you truly care about that flag, you would stop supporting Trump because Trump is using racism to divide this country and tear it apart and by the rate he is going, their won't be much of America left for the flag to represent.

Please don't fool yourself into believing that you're intelligent enough to tell me what I should and shouldn't do. You guys keep crying "racism" as if it means something. What you're ignorant to is that fact that your non-stop whining has rendered the word meaningless. People like you are the reason racism still exists...

The American flag doesn't just represent white Americans only or Trump and his followers.

Exactly correct, which is why some dumb c**t who throws it on the ground should be raked over the coals and publicly shamed for her gross idiocy...

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