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The reason why the media loves Trump is because he is so so selfish.
He is therefore a star.
Anyone who shoves their shit in everyone’s faces is a star in the media.

This quote, from Nick Pemberton, is part of an excellent article about the PR of powerful people under late capitalism. There are lots of parallels made between the Regime of Donald Trump, and the life and ideas of George Orwell.

Below, Pemberton describe the way fin-de-regime suspicion (or systemic corruption) is mis-directed into suspicion of the poor and the foreign.

When the ruling class employs suspicions it is for people on food stamps, welfare, disability, etc. Suspicion is used to militarize the middle class against the working class who is supposedly not doing their fair share.

In this world women who are abandoned by men and want to feed their family are framed as gold diggers or welfare queens. Immigrants are seen as leachers. The homeless are seen as excess. The water of poor and brown communities is no longer a right but a resource that needs to be liberated for profit by the market in order to get better jobs for middle class whites. All business adventures by the 1% are seen as charitable and beneficial when in fact they are highly destructive, selfish and pathological.

If commercial media had existed in 1800, the USA would have collapsed as scarecrow-thin farmers with broken down houses full of expensive snake oil.


"Why Zeke, I see ya'all bought the new eyebrow cream that's guaranteed to bring a heavy spring rain for the corn crops. I just didn't have enough extra cash this year for that stuff, what with all the dang fertilizing crystals the wife bought for the fallow fields near the riverside..."

*collapses from fatigue and hunger*

Scary Urban Crime Drama, Light Suburban Sitcom
and then ads for lawn products, car products, and more television shows

It's always easier to make a cake if you've got a recipe.

This works for propaganda as well.

If you want to sell people suburbia, and all the products it will require, you've gotta have a recipe.

Turn off media and allow your mind to simmer for 24 hours.
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