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Now that you live in the suburbs, you will need something to fill your time... and your eyeballs... and your psyche.

Perhaps you could watch 7 hours of TV every day?

Our sponsors would really appreciate it if you did.

"Thank you for watching!"


result: zombies in sh*t-wagons


I dunno much 'bout urban form or sociologies,
but I DO know how the ad makes me feel

The lumpenspectatoriat watched the screen, mouth and mind agape.

"Feed me the notions I need to manoeuvre my way around the world!" they silently screamed (via their silence).

And the screen happily complied, canned-laughing and sit-com smiling all the way to the bank - (which happened to be the screen's first cousin) :lol:


Guardian wrote:Stereotype of ‘Chelsea tractor’ reflects reality of urban SUV sales, says report


The stereotype of the Chelsea tractor, the derogatory term used to describe the tendency of the London middle classes to use 4x4 vehicles for the school run, is based on reality, according to new figures.

Promoted by carmakers and advertisers as a vehicle that takes you back to nature, new data shows that SUVs, which produce much greater CO2 emissions than most other cars, are most popular in affluent urban areas such as Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham and Westminster....

The ads for SUVs usually make me feel like a pioneer, going on adventures into the great unknown, boldly and confidently because of the size and strength of my machinery and chemicals.

Via the SUV ad, I am able to feel like I could be "very alive" if only I had this mechanical companion by my side.

This feeling is all I've got.
ness31 wrote:I don’t get your sig this time Zag...but, it feels unfair.

chew on that, my friend ;)

What does "Zag" mean in this sentence?

And what is it about the sig that "feels unfair?"
ness31 wrote:I was drunk when I wrote that.

But even now that I’m sober, I still don’t get it :lol:

Explanation hidden below:

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Please don't share what you have read with anyone young enough to "believe in" Santa Claus.
I see where you’re coming from. It’s much worse than just having to watch the ‘screen’ though.

You’re equipped with an amazing machine capable of doing 200kms and hour, yet you must not exceed a rather un-naturally low speed limit for fear of a financial penalty. This forces one to concentrate more on the speedo - a clock of sorts - and its actually quite stressful.

True. Story. ;)
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