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Imagine living in a Modern Sparta, where everyone watches screens and is brainwashed into violent acts.

Violent acts against other people, the environment, and themselves.

Now, imagine if this was a result of animal husbandry - that humans decided to tame and exploit one another soon after learning the techniques to do this on other species.

Imagine if Freud and Bernays (among others0 had simply isolated the components of religion that can be used to manipulate human animals into becoming obedient pets for human masters.

Now stop imagining and notice the omnipresent screen and its omnipresent normalization of "the next trend."


"We had a bowel movement."

The above statement is silly and contrived, because one cannot "share" a bowel movement with another person.

Even if you syncronize a bowel movement with your identical twin in the next identical bathroom, you are each individually having a bowel movement. Even if you eat the same exact portions of the same exact food.

Humans don't share a common bowel. So this is a silly construct.

Same with "We think..."

Our goal is to be the Cargill of human cattle

We all need goals in life because... we are do disconnected from one another.

Likewise, cattle are often kept apart from one another in order to destroy any social capital they might have once had.

Imagine if your goal was to be the "top tier" of the human experience, and the only allegory for this kind of control you could easily see is the power relations of cattle-versus-ranch owners.

Wouldn't you want to be a ranch-owner rather than one of their cows? Or pigs? Or burros?

You might as well since our human farm isn't going anywhere in your lifetime. Might as well try to be the farmer.


"I'd rather be:

a farmer than a cow....
a cannibal than prey
a school shooter than a school
a hegemon than a resource gulag
a bankster than a war orphan..."

"I will follow any trend, even if it kills me." - the 80%

"We know. That's why we invest so much in trend-setting." - the 1%


Image(Walmart, SUVs, Crooked banks, and Pfizer trends are visible in this colorful graph)

When I worked as an art director for an advertising agency, I took the time to read marketing theory in order to better manipulate the emotions of the public to separate them from their own money.

It was like shooting fish in a barrel because media-viewers have been pre-trained to react to marketing prompts (by their entertainment products), and media-viewers are increasingly isolated in suburban silos, unable to find other people to help them undersant their world from multiple local angles.
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