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Potemkin wrote:This is highly unlikely. We would have noticed by now. Any galactic civilisation which has been around for more than a few million years would have a pretty obvious presence.

On account of radio transmissions detectable by SETI? It's naive to think our current technical level remains standard among older civilizations.

So where are they? The Fermi Paradox is a real thing, @starman2003.

I know the UFO phenomenon tends to be marginalized but many of those best informed about it consider it a real thing and the answer to the Fermi paradox. Consider what Randle said, in conclusion, in his latest work:

"….if we understand anything about the Roswell case, it is that, other than the extraterrestrial, we have no answer."

Besides, the universe is still very young. Thirteen or fourteen billion years isn’t long at all, given the timescales required for stellar evolution and biological evolution.

Years ago, when I asked pro astronomers "at what point in the history of the universe did nucleosynthesis provide enough biogenic elements for the origin of life somewhere/anywhere?" a typical answer was "it all happened very fast…"

No, it’s very likely that we are the first advanced civilisation, in our galaxy at least.

Very unlikely IMO.

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