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I had this thought lately.

We live in an ever expanding universe and galaxies are moving away from each other.
Isn’t this analogous to what we experience in life? First we are born into a family, at least most of us. We are close to our parents and siblings. But with the passing of time you grow apart, cousins and nieces who were once pretty nearby now seem to be at a distance far away. Just like galaxies, family members grow apart from each other.

Just a thought.

Have a nice day.
It needs to be pointed out that, if the time is in it’s essence separation, a continuous pulling apart of itself in relation to itself, the hope to the contrary strives for reunification, collection, reconciliation; because of that, but also only because of that, the hope is like a memory of the future.

Gabriel Marcel, Outline of a phenomenology and a metaphysic of the hope (1942)

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