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Dark is a time travel scifi show. There is a voiceover at the very beginning talking about time. If you've spent any time trying to learn about such things, you will literally wince.

Honestly, I don't care about the premise, just how well it's executed.

The thing that caught my attention immediately is that it's a German production, and the story is supposed to be happening in America. Or, at least, that is how it seems at the moment. I am enjoying all the ways they're getting it wrong. It sounds like a bad thing, trust me, it's not.

The other thing that just jumps out at you, is the 70s. The main character rides a 70s bike boom bike to school. The camera then cuts to an elderly lady adjusting a stereo receiver that looks like it's from the 70s. The small town has a nuclear power plant, which (at least to me) just about screams 70s. I've watched about ten minutes ( I wanted to set this down so I could look at it later); and the show is about time travel, so I wonder if they're trying to set a mood.

In any case, Netflix makes a lot of bad shows, they buy a lot of bad shows, because they're cheap. But, occasionally, you get a good one, and I am hoping this will be one of those.
I've watched 4 episodes now. I was wrong about one thing, it takes place in Germany. But I think the actors are trying to behave somewhat American? They emote a lot for Germans. Maybe they're in Southern Germany, they aren't as restrained.

A reviewer said the show was slow placed. Try glacial. Also, lots of darkly lit scenes.

The reviewer also said there was a big payoff when things come together. We'll see, I am beginning to have doubts about that.

Some strange things are happening, and the resulting upheaval starts uncovering all those small town secrets. But it's not soap opera-y. Quite the opposite.

Sorry, I wanted to talk about it, but avoid spoilers, since the show is all about the slow reveal. I often don't like that, and I'm on the fence with this one. But I do keep watching, so there is that.

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