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By Local Localist
I will add to this story once every day or two.

Eleven billion, it was thought...
That was the number in her head.
Future's haze blurred what was taught.
She'd strain below, alive or dead.

To land below
To stand below
To exist beforehand below
To advance, to progress, kinetic movement in excess
Materialised mind and matter to be whole and not to scatter
Where the fuck was such a press to be beneathways, faster stress
By ness31
Is this autobiographical in nature ?
They had, it seemed, by now, been drowned into a vague cacophony
Here, no longer allowed - but poised to gain ground, probably
Dreams of paternal militancy - finally lived out
In the Hartmans and the Quaritches drowning in self-clout

Of shelling and of yelling; et decorum est indeed
Where an obtuse northern brother could no longer make to bleed
Where the north of him, a desert of dweji sang the same hymn
How far waves can echo must be unresolved, when they can swim
Escape afforded, however sordid, must be seized on duly
Gunpowder treason in this season should be forgot, truly
No longer in place, she made like a race, in spite of missing feeling
For spite was assistance, in this existence: the last unconcealing

Long-drawn lactic courses laying levels of congealment;
More the movement magnified momentum's made-up mealment.
Pasturage of pavement placates pace and proved potential;
Everlasting effervescence ephemerates existential.
By ness31
You’re in a different mood today :)
Unending endeavour
Unmagnified pressure
Unfeelable measure of never-had pleasure

Obstruction, suppression, inversion of sound;
Not reaching, not proxing, however far down:
Excrutiable absence condensing with ground -
Ripped-tensor propulsion braced quakes of unringing
Embodied emulsion swung secular singing
But further no nearer; unreplicant bringing
Belshazzaric vision was ordained through neurorevelry
Visual precision: a hypogeal necessity
Optical transfinite: operating hypomania
Rays of yellowed light and shades of mental macadamia

Distortion and refraction fuzzed the piping and stairs
Metallular abstractions rang cascades of gudu pairs
Disgustingly unactualised reverberations stagnated
Parasitically paralised senses - beyond belated
By ness31
Lol, I feel like I’m reading something that’s a cross between Willy Wonka and the Chronicles of Riddick :D
Time sequencing fast with hot winds forecast - a freezing was in order
An iced dissociation: a hallowed libation in arranged disorder
A claw for the Posco; for settled plateau - attempted marching on
Restriction in hurry: this was the real worry, with chances almost gone

Devilish disjunctions dance in diminuting doors
Clottage of consistency consistently assured
Preoccupied presences ponder pretend precipices
Sidetracked senses slavishly seizing six senselessnesses
Billions turned to millions,
Frayed vital forces impeded.
A knowing pre-civilian:
Splayed outward and unacceded.

Up and out -
Ceased without,
And broken without doubt.
Doubles tripled downward to a polar singularity
Frenzied synergies propelled with unparallelled clarity
To thrust hyperdynamically a strike of insularity
Rubber on rubber on rubber on plate
Upsetting mutter in psychotrope state
Solventing butter of tormenting clutter in sputtering rudder - to perpetuate

Ones and zeros are zeroing ones -
Time has stayed and space this time is gone
Agonic hunger for stepping through blunder and retroing younger and so on, so on
By ness31
*looks about the room and claps tentatively*
Terrain approacheth through laggardly slow breath with little by way of remorse
A voltaic soup: an oppressive loop of deliquescing force
Catatonic churning: anatomy burning, as faculties reassembled
Impeded progression aflaming agression as bolted fixtures trembled

Jaundice jabs as jactating joints jam jiral jeers
Monopoly money millions moulder into microsears
Spasmodic scorches sanctioned by sustaining suffocation
Flaming faces of façade flaunt fiery flirtation
Out of mind, out of sight, touch, time and place
A throng of thirsty thermophantoms make the land's disgrace
A yard, a metre, many hundred waves go down smooth
But in approaching the narrow end, you're gonna wanna move

In the little
Whistled whittle
A condensing committal
Changeable cripple, wavering sizzle and decided mickle of mass in transmittal
Pumping unthinkable squash of undrinkable protons and photons compressed and unshrinkable
Vector of placental, fed with Oriental: please prove transcendental and not elemental
Scrambled skip beyond ironic: stripped from searing to Siberian.
Calefact cryonic, colligate and crack criterion!
Fluid was the freeze, and frosted freezers were soon froze.
Fluxional and metred: irrefreshed streams are deposed!

Slide through pliant machinery, consensual in entirety
Plug into options eagerly: a font of young sobriety
Artificial voids authorise flat phantasmagoria
Amusement now employed, there's a steam of new euphoria
Fluid begins, outward and in, rippling through temporality
Pellucid air, crisp and aware: contaminantless cordiality
Papering savour hits olfact and flavour to coalesce in virtuality
Sharp and offhand, tranquil and unmanned: the space commences new reality

Chime of crashed collision clanged and clattered commotionally
Estrangement of existing ejaculated emotionally
Bubble burst of blown up blast befell as barely bearable
Ramming reverse-rise registered: retractedly repairable

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