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By skinster
I am still reading the excellent Gerda Lerner's The Creation of Patriarchy and David Talbot's The Devil's Chessboard. The latter is much easier to read than the former and both are enjoyable.

Aside from that I read this essay Fighting the Ninja at work today, on prison life, by a former prisoner in the US. It was good and sad in parts, the lives some people have had...

Potemkin wrote:One word @skinster: Mossad. :|

This was considered and you're probably right. I don't recall having any tabs open on the apartheid state but they might try to prevent me from learning about other stuff, I can believe it. :|

MistyTiger wrote:Didn't your nerd frands advise you to save backups of files you love and want to keep?

My nerdy tech frands know my understanding of the anything computer-related (to be polite) so we just worked on trying to save what I'd lost, and failed. It's ok. Life goes on. Felt like a nice little cleanse actually. Plus it's not as if I ever run out on shit to learn about, this is never-ending.
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