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By Potemkin
fuser wrote:I didn't knew he was a screenwriter. Just checked and it seems he did TV mostly and I haven't seen any one of them.

Me neither. Lol. But you don't spend decades of your life writing screenplays without picking up a few tricks of the trade, and knowing how to write snappy dialogue is one of those tricks. His characters reveal themselves through what they say, and how they say it. Most novelists have to laboriously explain it all to us in their plodding prose, whereas Martin just presents a few lines of snappy, unforgettable dialogue, and we know. :)
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By fuser
Finally finished Liu Cixin's much talked about sci-fi, "Three Body Problem". I will definitely classify it as hard sci-fi as in the sciency stuff makes sense and its not start the "Quantum Generators". I do have a major complain though, all the characters were so cold and reclusive, except for Da Shi, I didn't cared for any of the characters. They all could had spontaneously died, and I would had gone, "Ok, lets find another scientist and move the plot forward". But I don't know, I have never interacted with someone actually working in advance fields of physics, may be they all are reclusive and cold.

On the surface the plot is a simple "alien invasion" but the whole concept is actually much bigger than that, I won't spoil it much but the concept and its execution was top notch. I was always excited to read the parts where our protagonist entered this VR game and tried to solve the seemingly random movement of astronomical objects in this VR. So yeah its a solid sci-fi, I mean its generally hard to like a book where characters are not particularly noteworthy and yet just because of the concept, and execution, this one shines.

I have ordered the second book in the series, "The dark forest" and will start reading it soon.
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By Godstud
I am currently reading,Shadow Puppets(Audio book), by Orson Scott Card, The Gates of Athens, by Conn Iggulden, and Surprise by Patrick O'Brian.

Sci-Fi(thinking man's kind), and historical fiction x2.
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By Godstud
@wat0n, so it's Fiction? :excited: ;)
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By Drlee
Surprise by Patrick O'Brian.

You started on book 3 of 21. Still. It is a marvelous book. These books are one of the great joys of my life. Let me know what you think. Then go back and read Master and Commander and Post Captain. Then HMS Surprise will take on new meaning.

You are in for the ride of a lifetime.
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By Godstud
@Drlee, No, I also own/read the first two books of the series.

O'Brian's writing style takes some getting used to. It's a hard read, but enjoyable.

I have a STACK of books to read. I got these books, this week(bookdepository is great... free delivery anywhere in the workd):
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By Heisenberg
I just finished The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie. Rushdie is a bit of a dickhead, but he's a damned good writer. :up:
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