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Let me start with Battlestar Galactica.

I own the first season, but as you prob know, the show is resolutely grim. I never bought the second season, but my mood is different now.

Grim fits our time.

The show is a list of superlatives. The picture quality is as good as tv gets. The sound quality may be the best I've ever heard from a tv show. The writing is good. I'm a fan of Edward James Olmos, he's a good actor, and overall, the acting is pretty good.

Something to consider.

I'll prob add some more to the list later, what's your pick for a good show to watch while hiding from the world?
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Im a simple man.... Tough times = Inspiring Religious movies.....

Jesus of Nazareth (6-hours, stellar cast and 100% free to watch)

And since I like Jews generally too here's two instant classic Hasidic Jewish shows both on Netflix, both starring Shira Haas:

Watching Better call Saul. Debating whether to alternate Breaking Bad in between episodes. I've only seen a few random episodes of Breaking Bad, but there's supposed to be plot continuity between the two series.
If you have kept this long without watching Breaking Bad, I might watch Better Call Saul until its end (only one more season to go), then watch Breaking Bad as Better Call Saul is a prequel. I personally like Better Call Saul more, although its pacing is slower than Breaking Bad, but both are great.
Bosch season 6
Fauda season 3
The three Chicagos (fire, med and PD)
Better call Saul
The Resident
New Amsterdam

I have to catch up on The Expanse, Poldark, Guyane, and others.

The problem is, my family members do not give me enough time to watch in the afternoons (we are playing UNO and poker and blackjack) and evenings.
I do not watch in the mornings (I play eight ball pool multiplayer online) and I go to bed early.
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