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This poem was written by Theocritos of Syracuse, it is shepherd's poetry from around the 250 BCE.

The parchment below is from the 14th CE with comments by Manuel Holovolos at around the 1300's. Manuel was a Greco-Byzantine monk and a "defender of the faith against the Latins", right after the recovery of the City from the Latin crusaders.

The shape defines a flute, on the left we see Theocritos, and on the right Pan, the god of shepherds, flock, rustic music, impromptus & a companion of the Muses.


No tender nurse to war's long-suffering son, his mother,

A guide for stone-born midwives' hands did bear,

Not Kerastan, the progeny of bull-trod plains,

But he, the ender of mind's war-torn cries,

Named Holon, seeker, keeper of desires

For tempest-worn, age-weary maidens' sighs,

With lyre's sweet song, he healed the arrow's kiss,

Idol of fire-born loves and deep abyss,

Silencing valor's roar, grand-sire's bane,

From Tyre's proud walls, the slayer he did chaseth away.

Unto him, this sweet sorrow Paris gave,

Son of Simichidas, through time's deep wave,

A soul that, wandering 'midst mortal fears,

By Saettas spurred, with sting that sears,

Thief of fathers, yet fatherless in kind,

Rejoicing in the birth from tomb's dark bind,

Whispering sweetly to the stranger maid,

In foreign lands, by beauty unswayed,

With eloquence that time can never fade,

Unyielding, firm, in love's eternal shade.

Original wrote:Οὐδενὸς εὐνάτειρα Μακροπτολέμοιο δὲ μάτηρ (1)
μαίας ἀντιπέτροιο θοὸν τέκεν ἰθυντῆρα,
οὐχὶ Κεράσταν ὅν ποτε θρέψατο ταυροπάτωρ,
ἀλλ’ οὗ πειλιπὲς αἶθε πάρος φρένα τέρμα σάκους,
οὔνομ’ Ὅλον, δίζων, ὃς τᾶς μέροπος πόθον (5)
κούρας γηρυγόνας ἔχε τᾶς ἀνεμώδεος,
ὃς μοίσᾳ λιγὺ πᾶξεν ἰοστεφάνῳ
ἕλκος, ἄγαλμα πόθοιο πυρισμαράγου,
ὃς σβέσεν ἀνορέαν ἰσαυδέα
παπποφόνου Τυρίας τ’ ἐ<ξήλασεν>. (10)
ᾧ τόδε τυφλοφόρων ἐρατόν
πῆμα Πάρις θέτο Σιμιχίδας·
ψυχὰν ᾇ, βροτοβάμων,
στήτας οἶστρε Σαέττας,
κλωποπάτωρ, ἀπάτωρ, (15)
λαρνακόγυιε, χαρείς,
ἁδὺ μελίσδοις
ἔλλοπι κούρᾳ,

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