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By Clann
I'm bored. What are we all reading at the minute?
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By Puolueeton
BERLIN - The Downfall 1945 by Antony Beevor. Its brilliant.
By Cap
Jonathan Swift -- Gulliver's Travels

When I finish that I'm on to:
Carl Honore -- In Praise of Slow

I love summertime :)
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By Clann
The Shankhill Butchers - A Case Study of Mass Murder by Martin Dillon

Great book, well researched and absolutely terrifying. Reading it will make me think twice about walking home as I sometimes pass a bar used by the killers near Sandy Row.


Ho Chi Minh - A Life by William Duiker

Looks really good, it's huge though.
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By Boondock Saint
What are we all reading at the minute?

This thread.

Oh and ...

'Enemy of God'
By Todd
Iris Chang - The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II
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By Der Freiheitsucher
Memoirs by Gorbachev.

The Adventures of Tintin - The Blue Lotus, by Hergé
The Adventures of Tintin - Flight 714 to Sydney, by Hergé
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By Clann
This thread.

ho ho
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By QatzelOk
The Aesthetics of Consumerism, Daniel Harris [my third or forth time]

Orwell Essays. Online.

Newspapers: Globe and Mail, le Devoir,
and of course, the Common Dreams news-site.

Ask me again when beach season is over.
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By Potemkin
Konstantin Fedin, 'Cities and Years'
M.R. James, 'Collected Ghost Stories'
Roland Barthes, 'Image, Music, Text'

I usually read several books at the same time. Well... not exactly at the same time, but one after the other... at the same time. If you see what I mean. Um... yes. :hmm:
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By galactus
Hrm, I feel so pretentious:

Ludwig Wittgenstein - "On Certainty"
(trying to start on "Nostromo" by Joseph Conrad")
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By Ombrageux
A Modern History of the Kurds, David McDowall. I'm not reading this one back to back, it's too heavy and deep for that. But I'm reading individual chapters getting a feel for the constant internecine fighting between Kurds and the post-GW1 Kurdish statelets.

The Making of Modern Turkey, Feroz Ahmad. Fairly easy reading, nice and slim so I'm not learning all that much really. I should have paid more attention to the chapters on the coup decades.
By Schrödinger's Kitty
I usually read to at a time, I get bored reading one at a time. :hmm:
That's just me. Sorry, not reading any books in English currently.

"Mörkret i människan" - Sörlin

It makes me depressed. :(

"Universum I Ett Nötskal" - Hawking (Swedish trans.)

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By QatzelOk
I honestly thought the thread was about telling everyone what you are currently engrossed in. Not simply picking up last semester's course material off the floor and typing in the titles.
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By Boondock Saint
Not simply picking up last semester's course material off the floor and typing in the titles.


I should read more honestly ...
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By QatzelOk
That wasn't for you, fellow feline.

It was mainaly for Dumbteen's A Modern History of the Kurds.

You can just imagine him sitting on a lawnchair with a gin and tonic reading under the shade of a eucalyptus tree somewhere in the Caribbean.

"Ah... A Modern History of the Kurds. A little escapism from the depressing tropical paradise around me."
By Schrödinger's Kitty
That doesn't sound like a uni class. At least none that I've read about. I like to read history books sometimes... Fiction does get so predictable once you get to a point. I like to broaden my horizons by non-fiction books... then take a break with some sci-fi or something.
By Luke
John Keats - Selected Poems
By Saf
Immanuel Kant - Critique Of Pure Reason
T. S. Eliot - Complete Poems And Plays
Jean-Paul Sartre - "No Exit" and Three Other Plays
Immanuel Kant - Prolegomena To Any Future Metaphysics
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