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At least 41 of the Republican Senators should announce that they are following the example of the Texas Democrats and leaving Washington, D.C., and will return to Washington only when the state legislators return to Texas. The Senate requires at least 51 Senators be present for a quorum, and even if a quorum is present at least 60 are required for any votes involving cloture.
Sandzak wrote:CNN host said in Delaware Joe Bidens state it is harder to vote then in Texas! Is this true?
Here’s Delaware’s voting laws per Ballotpedia, and here’s the voting laws for Texas.
Sandzak wrote:
CNN host said in Delaware Joe Bidens state it is harder to vote then in Texas! Is this true?

"By the Brennan Center for Justice’s count, state lawmakers have introduced more than 360 voter suppression bills across the nation, and the aim seems clear: Despite rhetorical nods to protecting “election integrity,” it’s a collective Republican effort to suppress the vote in future elections. As Stacey Abrams, the former Democratic minority leader of the Georgia state House explains, these bills “are responding to the big lie, to the disproven, discredited and, sadly, the blood-spilled lie of voter fraud.”

In Texas, Republican lawmakers have pushed a bill that would change which judges hear certain election-related cases. The measure would disqualify judges from hearing cases involving an election official in their own geographic area — a move that appears targeted at shutting out judges elected in Democratic-leaning parts of the state. The bill gives the region’s presiding judge, who is appointed by the state’s Republican governor, the power to pick a judge to hear these challenges instead."

"In Congress, Democrats are prioritizing legislation called the For the People Act, or H.R. 1, which seeks to curb GOP efforts to suppress voting. The bill would set national standards to loosen photo-ID requirements, guarantee early-voting and voting-by-mail options, and mandate automatic and same-day registration. Although Democrats have focused on how the bill would rein in red states, H.R. 1 would hit some blue states just as hard, if not harder."

But it would hit them both...

The reality is that there is a tidal wave of racist legislation, and that ain't happening in Delaware. If they succeed, the American Republic will die. Hard to have a democracy and a dictator, at the same time...
The latest version of the bill has dropped the provisions that allow the state legislature to overturn elections. They also dropped the limiting of voting hours on Sundays.

Positive developments indeed.

It is ridiculous that the legislature wants to give themselves the power to overthrow the will of the people. It's even more ridiculous we have people in Texas that think that's a good idea.
Istanbuller wrote:
Anti-Trump people are dumb as fuck. They oppose id requirement for voting, but okay with if requirement for using social media. :

We have a system that catches cheaters already.

A while back a Texas asst. Attorney General offered a big crash prize for anyone with proof of voter fraud. The asst. Attorney General in Penn sent him the details of 2 cases. In both cases the perp was Republican.

Texas didn't keep it's promise.

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