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Friday, Trumps lawyers were testify before the Jan 6 grand jury. On Saturday, Trump was talking about ending the Constitution (and by implication, Rule of Law).

A couple of days later, Trump tried to walk that back. When he did that, he revealed what the FBI calls "awareness of guilt".

The problem, with a lot of crime, is proving intent. "The intent makes the crime." It's one of the reasons a lot of Mob bosses go down for tax evasion, it's easier to prove.

But Trump is prosecutor porn...

His tweets have been admissions of guilt for a number of crimes, and shut down potential defense strategies.

He's going to be in court, and like so many Mob bosses before him, the BS isn't going to work. I have maintained for years that the Law would eventually catch up to him. But it was as much hope as anything else. I only half believed it myself.

But here we are, and there he is, and I believe there is a smile slowly inching it's way across my face.

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