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Democrats prepare to cast illegal immigrants out into the cold
The border crisis is one of the Democratic Party’s own making, and it is now making homelessness worse in Democrat-run areas. New York City is booting illegal immigrants from homeless shelters as the city prepares to see more tent cities. “People are going to be sleeping on our streets,” Mayor Eric Adams said. The city has issued 21,000 notices to vacate to both individual illegal immigrants and families since July.

Massachusetts, meanwhile, is rapidly approaching maximum occupancy in its shelters, meaning that the state plans to begin putting families on wait lists. Those families will be left out in the cold in Massachusetts in November and beyond.

The reality is that the Democratic Party’s view that all illegal immigrants should be welcomed and provided with “sanctuary” was never empathetic. Democrats embraced it because they thought those gross Republicans would be the only ones to deal with the issue in Texas or Arizona. They were just fine with forcing Republicans to shoulder the burden and for those illegal immigrants to live homeless in Texas instead, as Democrats virtue-signaled about how welcoming they were to a handful of illegal immigrants in their own communities.​
Democrats prepare to cast illegal immigrants out into the cold, Zachary Faria, 11/19/23

read entire article here: Democrats prepare to cast illegal immigrants out into the cold

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I would point out that all this immigration is contributing to the shortage of affordable homes, except that the white working class has already been priced out of NYC 20 years ago.
I do think this will make it harder for young people to live in NYC though. There are many young people from all over the country who dream about living in NYC. There are plenty of stories about how even nurses earning $70,000 a year struggle to afford the cost of rent in NYC. These migrants, even if they became legalized, would probably end up in some trashy apartment with three adult men sleeping in each bedroom even if they were to get a roof over their heads in the city with full-time employment.
Obviously some seeming hypocrisy here.

Democrat cities begin busing migrants away, as resources dwindle

As weary migrants arrive in Denver on buses from the U.S.-Mexico border city of El Paso, Texas, officials offer them two options: temporary shelter or a bus ticket out. Nearly half of the 27,000 migrants who arrived in Denver since November 2022 have chosen the bus, plane or train tickets to other cities in the U.S., city data shows. In New York and Illinois, taxpayer dollars also are being spent on tickets, creating a shuffle of migrants in the interior U.S. who need shelter, food and medical assistance as they await rulings on asylum cases that can take years.

The transfer of migrants has gained momentum since Republican governors in Texas and Florida started chartering buses and planes to Democratic-led cities in what critics waved off as political stunts.
More than a year later, some of those cities, their resources dwindling, are eager to help migrants move on to their final destinations.

The efforts show the increased pressures cities are facing as more migrants from around the globe are coming to the U.S. southern border, often fleeing economic turmoil. Illegal border crossings topped 2 million during the government's fiscal year that ended September 30, the second-highest number on record.

Denver alone has spent at least $4.3 million in city funds to send migrants to other U.S. cities, freeing up shelter beds for new arrivals while adding to the numbers in other Democratic-led cities such as Chicago and New York that are struggling to house asylum-seekers.

Data wasn't yet available from New York, though the city is offering one-way plane tickets to anywhere in the world. Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago has used state funds to help buy tickets for more than 2,500 migrants who have family, friends or sponsors elsewhere.

Charities are feeling the pressure as the weather turns colder and migrants end up sleeping in tent encampments. "It breaks my heart. It is like we have so many children and little ones that we know we can’t even help," said Yoli Casas, executive director of Vive Wellness, which works with new migrants to Denver. "There's just no more room. There's no more funding. There's no nothing."

Denver has bought nearly 3,000 tickets to Chicago and 2,300 to New York, almost half of the more than 12,000 tickets the city has purchased for migrants since November 2022. The vast majority were bus tickets, but Denver also purchased about 340 tickets for flights and 200 for train rides. Roughly 1,000 tickets were bound for Texas and Florida, whose governors have sent chartered buses and planes of migrants to Democratic-led 'sanctuary cities' that limit their cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

comment: So it seems like at the same time Texas and Florida are sending migrants to other cities further north, those cities are busing the migrants they have to Texas and Florida.
Kind of seems like a game of musical chairs. The migrants are just accepting the free bus tickets hoping that going to a different city will result in a better situation than the one they are in.

Tensions flared between political leaders in January when Colorado Democratic Governor Jared Polis chartered buses for migrants to Chicago. Then-Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and New York City Mayor Eric Adams penned a letter urging Polis to stop and saying "overburdening other cities is not the solution."

"We have other Democratic cities, Denver, California, L.A., sending their people to Chicago, New York. They’re sending their migrants to Chicago. Why? Because they are saying, 'We can't take anymore.'" Alderman Anthony Beale said in a Chicago City Council meeting. ​

Democratic-led cities pay for migrants' tickets to other places as resources dwindle, by Jesse Bedayn, Associated Press - Report for America, 11-19-2023

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