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A new study from the World Economic Forum put it this way - every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans...…………… Way Cool :eek:

How about a tax on plastics manufacturers to help clean up their mess :?: …………. Oh Wait! That would slow re election contributions to our "representatives."
The Trump administration is expected on Tuesday to announce its final rule to rollback Obama-era automobile fuel efficiency standards, relaxing efforts to limit climate-warming tailpipe pollution and virtually undoing the government’s biggest effort to combat climate change.

The new rule, written by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation, would allow cars on American roads to emit nearly a billion tons more carbon dioxide over the lifetime of the vehicles than they would have under the Obama standards and hundreds of millions of tons more than will be emitted under standards being implemented in Europe and Asia.

More profit for the fossil fuel and auto industry and filthier air for you, I and your children to breathe which will result in increased sickness for all. Kinda fits right in with Donald's Die For The Dow mind set.
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