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The dependence of the world economy on energy recourses pushes the military-political leadership of a number of countries to the need to actively develop new strategies to promote their national interests in the Arctic zone.

Today it is obvious that the Arctic region is getting a new zone of US influence. In recent years Washington has been actively going to the Arctic, creating military infrastructure there. The US military leadership states the need to increase its presence in the northern seas more often, reopening its bases on the coasts. And those bases are unclaimed after the cold war.

The US Arctic strategy includes the active participation of national armed forces in conducting military exercises like "Ice Exercises", "Cold response" and accumulating experience of conducting special operations in the Arctic region. Taking into account the expansion of water areas in the Arctic, it is assumed that by 2020 American military should be ready to participate in the Arctic zone operations. And by 2030 a build-up of forces and means must be carried out to protect the US land, sea and air borders in the Arctic zone. According to the Pentagon, this is all done in order to "keep stability and peace" in the region.
At the same time, he development of automated control systems, communications, reconnaissance and surveillance adapted to the polar conditions is envisaged, which will ensure the use of high-precision weapons and real-time control of combat operations. The seriousness of the intentions of the American military is indicated by their plans to expand the possibility of navigation along the northern shores of Russia. To this end, as stated by the Minister of the Navy, Richard Spencer, his troops will conduct extensive Arctic operations in the summer and autumn of 2019.
In particular, in August 2019, in violation of the rules established by the Russian Federation on the passage of foreign warships along the Northern Sea Route, which is the territory of Russia, the United States plans to make a transarctic transition by a diverse group of warships in the Arctic Ocean, which Russia considers its territory.

This transition is planned due to the fact that, in the opinion of American politicians, Russia's regulation of the movement of foreign ships in the NSR is illegal: "Russia's illegal regulation of foreign vessels passing along its shores, and threats by the government to use military force, worry the United States government, as well as other members of the Arctic Council". Thus, Washington once again acts as a "defender of rights and freedoms" in a particular region.

However, it is possible to remind the American military leadership of how in 1964 the Soviet authorities detained two US warships, intending to pass a section of the Northern Sea Route along the Arctic coast of the USSR, and deployed them back home. And along the way, they explained to the Americans the limits of their capabilities in the territorial waters of other states.

It is not yet clear how the enormous US efforts to seize the Arctic zone will end, but the Arctic is undergoing intensive military expansion from the US. The actions of the American leadership demonstrate the aggressive behavior of Washington in the Arctic and lead to an aggravation of the situation in the region.

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