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Here is the report. ... %20v.3.pdf

It includes this quote.
"One noteworthy result of President Trump’s obstruction is that the House has been improperly denied testimony by certain government officials who could have offered first-hand accounts of relevant events. That does not leave the House at sea:there is still robust evidence, both documentary and testimonial,bearing directly on his conduct and motives.

But especially given the President’s obstruction of Congress, the House is free under the Constitution to consider reliable testimony from officials who overheard—or later learned about—statements by the President to witnesses whose testimony he has blocked.240To summarize: just like grand jurors and prosecutors, the House is not subject to rigid evidentiary rules in deciding whether to approve articles. Members of the House are trusted to fairly weigh evidence in an impeachment inquiry. Where the President illegally seeks to obstruct such an inquiry, the House is free to infer that evidence blocked from its view is harmful to the President’s position.It is also free to rely on other relevant, reliable evidence that illuminates the ultimate factual issues. The President has no right to defy an impeachment inquiry and then demand that the House turn back because it lacks the very evidence he unlawfully concealed.If anything, such conduct confirms that the President sees himself as above the law and may therefore bear on the question of impeachment."
No sooner had Nadler opened today's proceedings than a bearded man in a decent-looking suit—who turned out to be Infowars host Owen Shroyer—began shouting that Trump was innocent and that the Democrats, by holding impeachment hearings, were committing treason.

After Shroyer been hustled out of the room, committee Republicans picked up the theme, peppering Nadler and other Democratic members and counsel with theatrical displays of outrage about procedure. They consistently interrupted Democratic members and counsel by raising parliamentary inquiries and points of order, or they simply spoke over Democrats during their time.

What's next? Stink bombs and waste paper trash can fires?
blackjack21 wrote:
Nadler himself lectured that a partisan impeachment would have no legitimacy, and that's what he's delivering now. Old Jerry cannot abide the wisdom of young Jerry.

Why they are pursuing a dead letter is anyone's guess. It's just making Trump stronger.

Trump Favorability Ratings


Unfavorable +11.0
Making all the same mistakes as 2016: Impeachment backlash: Poll has Trump trouncing all comers in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan
Trump is as unpopular as he was in 2016, but he won in 2016. He's even competitive in Minnesota, so the Democrats are going to hold their 2020 DNC Convention in Minneapolis to try to stave him off.
blackjack21 wrote:
Making all the same mistakes as 2016: Impeachment backlash: Poll has Trump trouncing all comers in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan

First... that's just one poll...

Second, it's Republican. Can you add 1+1? They are a PR firm, not a polling company. They say on their front page their goal is to change opinion...

Wake me up when you have a couple polls from actual polling firms...
blackjack21 wrote:
I can show you a bunch from November 2016 showing that Hillary was going to win by a wide margin.

At least you've stopped saying that PR firm did a good poll..

Most people expect the race to tighten up, it usually does. At which point, the challenge facing pollsters will be brutal. Most will not have the resources to do a good job. I like the poll of polls that 538 does.
After watching Doug Collins and Company yesterday in action, yelling and interrupting, snapping at witnesses and their own Congressional colleagues, I realize there aren’t two schools of thought here; everyone knows Trump is a criminal, they just don’t want to admit it. Regardless of the outcomes, I’m very proud of Pelosi and her colleagues today.
I've been watching Speaker Pelosi since 2007. She struck me as being politically savvy. Over time I realised what a good whip she was, but it became more apparent when Boehner and Ryan became speaker. (the image is burned into my mind's eye of the time Boehner was eating at a cafe's counter while ignoring two young dreamers appealing to him. Ryan was diligently working on a health plan for how long? 8years? It never materialised) Then, realising Nancy might become Speaker again, the GOP went after her as viciously as they had done to Hillary. They were so cruel even young Democrats thought they could take the appointment from her. I think they saw the error of their way.

Add to her, I was impressed with the courage and massive brain power of the ladies, Fiona Hill, Maria Yovanovitch, Laura Cooper, and Jennifer Williams who testified for impeachment. Their sense of duty pushed them, at great cost, in to court. They strode in.

Compare and contrast to the inarticulate women who voted for President Trump
Stormsmith wrote:Compare and contrast to the inarticulate women who voted for President Trump

Perhaps they felt that Trump had the stability and genius to pull off the impossible, to renegotiate and ratify NAFTA.

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