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By late
NH is so unpredictable that some pundits think they are just ornery and contrary.

I have lived in New Hamster, and I am here to tell you it's weird.

Back in the 1960s, the Manchester Union Leader put the main editorial on the front page. The important bit would sometime be in red ink. So you'd walk into a store and see "Nuke Hanoi Now" in red.

Did I mention that the Leader was nuts?

The rural guys just ate that shit up. You know the type.

The other extreme is the suburbs of Mass that moved into NH.

The state may have the largest percentage of independents in the country. They can vote, and if they come out in significant numbers, they can throw the plans of candidates out the window.

The Iowa debacle makes the New Hamster results more important. If you want to ask me what that means, I haven't got a clue. But I do know that Pete has been trying to appeal to independents, so he may have a better chance than you'd think.

Only thing I do know is that the country has gone way past weird, and this won't change that one little bit.
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By jimjam
I have lived in New England for the past half century. I was drawn there from NYC because it was less densely populated and the "personality" of the region appealed to me. They were generally more independent and free thinking. It could be said that America was "born" there. I had friends in N.H. and used to spend a good amount of time there. N.H. seems to me to demonstrate the extreme of New England personality. Cantankerous and independent. They, with exceptions ( :lol: ), generally think for themselves and do not need a con man like Donald to do their thinking for them.

Not so much weird but different from most of America.

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