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Maritime shipping has to use low sulfur diesel now. I was sure Trump would crap on the agreement, and even if he didn't, supply shortages and technical issues would result in the agreements being ignored.

Then along came that damn virus.

Trump's plate is full, and with less shipping on the seas (and low prices) I am not seeing any signs of panic or sleazy politics.

This will only reduce sulfur, it's aimed at pollution, not climate change. It should eventually motivate shippers to use more efficient engines, but that may be wishful thinking.

The pandemic will cut emissions for a few months, but as national economies fight for survival in its wake, environmental protection and the fight against climate change will go out off the window. We'll see multi-trillion stimulus packages the world over to boost the economy at all costs. Politicians calling for environmental regulations will have a lynch mob at their heal.
However, Venezuela's crude is especially high in sulfur, so Trump may well have been fine with it.

New rules forcing ships to use cleaner marine fuels may deal yet another blow to cash-strapped Petroleos de Venezuela SA, an exporter of high-sulphur fuel oil

From Jan. 1, 2020, vessels will have to switch to less-polluting bunker fuel or be fitted with equipment to curb emissions, under new International Maritime Organization rules. That’s expected to weaken demand for the high-sulphur residual fuel oil produced by PDVSA, pushing prices lower at the same time that the cost of importing clean fuels rises, said Mel Larson, a consultant at KBC Advanced Technologies Inc.

As refiners prepare to produce IMO-compliant fuels that rely on low-sulphur crude oils, sour crude produced by Venezuela and Mexico may be sold at deeper discounts. Meanwhile, demand for lighter distillates, including diesel, is expected to increase. That ultimately will take a toll on the economies of Venezuela, Mexico and Ecuador that rely on imported diesel and gasoline.

https://www.jwnenergy.com/article/2018/ ... l-exports/

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